ONLINE EVENT: 7 Daily Habits

Join us on Wednesday 3rd June for a hour-long webinar, where Health and Life Coach and founder of The Purposeful Life Kate Drummond will share The 7 Daily Habits, habits that not only bring about balance to your life, but set you up for success each and every day. Kate will explain how to begin introducing these habits into your life immediately. 

Dates Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 12:00 to 13:00
Venue Online
Contact Name Lily Cheng
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Event details:

We all know that we should exercise more, eat healthier, be great at recycling, follow our hearts, do what we love… but is it really that easy, honestly, no, not always, is it possible absolutely, without a doubt. They say knowledge is power, that is wrong, knowledge alone is just knowledge, knowledge with action, now that is power. Discussing what a habit is, and how to use the habit loop of the cue, the routine and the reward to replace old ineffective habits and replace them with the 7 Daily Habits that will elevate your life. 

When we implement simple daily habits that produce measurable results, such as reduction in stress, increased energy and sense of calm, the way we move through our day changes.  Decision making and productivity improves along with the confidence to honour our yes’s and our no’s.   

These habits are a daily gift to yourself. 

What you will learn? 

  • Learn that small positive daily habits make the biggest impact in your life
  • Discover how to swap unhelpful and unhealthy habits for habits that will create positive results  
  • Become aware how our thoughts and actions make a difference to our day  

How you will benefit: 

  • You will feel inspire to make positive change  
  • You will discover that how you do one thing is how you do everything  

Who should attend? 

Anyone who wishes to achieve balance in their lives, and those who want to discover how easy it is to develop positive and healthy habits

How to book 

The event will take place on Wednesday 3rd June at 12-1pm. Places are limited so hit ‘RSVP’ to register today and avoid disappointment.
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Non-members and Digital subscribers: £10 + Fees 

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 About the speaker Kate Drummond: Kate is a certified health and life coach, personal trainer, and sports therapist with a specialism in lifestyle management.  She works with women across the globe, empowering them to rediscover themselves and elevate their lives.  Kate coaches women at different stages of their journey,  from leaving university to embracing the Menopause and beyond. She believes that when we learn the art of listening to ourselves and acknowledging our uniqueness, magic happens.  Focusing on every area of our lives, she will help you develop healthier habits around sleep, nutrition, exercise, productivity, and spirituality, to name a few, inspiring you to show up for yourself every day.  She also delivers workshops in the corporate environment on Menopause in the Workplace and Health and Lifestyle topics.
Before coaching, Kate spent over 20 years working in International Banking and Consultancy.

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