Shaping the Future of the World of Work

Join HR network cakeandhr at their conference on 17th May 2019 exploring the future of the world of work. This event is supported by Cambridge Network and features local organisations.

Dates Friday, May 17, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Venue Conference Centre, Duxford Imperial War Museum
Contact Name Judith Elliott / Edwina Brewster
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Event details:

The aim of the conference is to look at how the world of work is currently changing, and may change further in the future. The Robots Are Coming… so how will this affect the workforce, the skills we need, the shape of work? Are schools getting the future workforce ready?

Perhaps the robots will take over the dull jobs leaving humans to focus on more rewarding tasks that require creative and social intelligence. If that is the case what have we, as employers, got to do now to prepare?


Discover what lies ahead for education and the workplace with several interactive workshops and exhibitors. The speakers will end with keynote Jem Hills:Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.

The conference will be followed by networking and an exhibition showcasing how your workplace can help shape the future of work. Tesla, Oracle, Arm and Turning Factor are amongst the exhibitors, giving delegates opportunities to talk to a range of experts.

Tesla - is this the car of the future? Book your free test drive after registering! Any questions please get in touch!



Workshops are 45 minutes and will run in two or three streams. You will be asked to select your chosen workshop for each time slot when registering for the conference.

Session 1 – 10.30 – 11.15

Option 1

The Robots are Coming


AI: Not as scary as you might think.

The news often highlights the negative impacts that AI may have on our technology, our jobs, and our lives.  What’s truth and what’s fiction?  What are some examples of how AI is affecting our lives today?


Steve Steele, Director of Product Marketing, Machine LearningArm

Option 2

Employee Engagement Now and Future


Real examples of how different companies have already ensured employee engagement ready for the changing world of work. Do the millennials need something different? Really? What do the best employers in the eastern region actually do?


Gill Buchanan and Lynn Walters, Pure Resourcing  


Session 2 – 12.00 – 12.45

Option 1

AI for Learning


AI will not only change the very nature of work, it will also change why, what and how we learn.

Take a look across the learning journey from engagement, support and delivery to assessment and wellbeing with WildFire Learning: World’s first AI content creation service

in minutes not months.


Donald Clark, WildFire

Option 2

Oracle Academy


Oracle Academy work with educational institutions to help teachers develop core computing knowledge and skills aligned to industry demands using current technologies.


Industry and educational leaders want the same things, they just speak a different language.  Finding common ground might be the solution to bridging the gap between education and business?


Iris Lanny, Programme Leader, Oracle Academy

Option 3

Shaping Future Leaders


If the world of work is changing, what skills will future Managers need?Which behaviours will we need? How will future managers need to adapt! And, how do we manage millennials now? f


An interactive workshop with Judith Elliott, FCIPD, leadership development expert and executive coach. 


Judith Elliott, el consulting


Session 3 – 13.30 – 14.15

Option 1

The Zebra Project


The Taylor Vinters Zebra Project was launched in January 2018.  We have brought together a select group of business leaders, creative thinkers, academics and innovators to explore the opportunities arising from the future world of work and some apparent shifts in business philosophy, employment structures and technology. Now is the time to examine what we’ve learned, and develop clear action points for success.


Zebra looks at the business world through the lens of change. We are already seeing the reinvention of business and employment models enabled by significant technological advancement.  


Expert and peer-to-peer debate and workshops have been at the heart of the ongoing Zebra discussion.  These have sparked ideas and action points to help organisations to succeed in this reimagined world of work.    


Peter Finding, Partner, Taylor Vinters

The Zebra Project

Option 2

Education Question Time Panel


  1. The curriculum for the 21st century – what do we want and need students to know, show and understand


  1. Getting to know each other better – what can schools/education and employers do more to promote even better/stronger partnerships


  1. Doing more for less – how schools/education/employers can deliver better for less resource


  1. ‘School should be for the least what home is for the most’ (Gervase Phinn) – what do schools need to do (in partnership with employers) to deliver better outcomes and secure better futures for the most disadvantaged.


The panel:

-        Sarah Roscoe, Executive Head for TBAP East

-        Stephen Munday, President of the Chartered College of Teaching

-        Robert Campbell, CEO, Morris Education Trust

-        Martin Rigby, MD, ET Capital

Option 3

Let’s Get Creative


Handled correctly, robots will take over the dull jobs, leaving humans to focus on more rewarding tasks that require the “creative and social intelligence” that androids cannot muster.


Creativity is going to be even more highly prized so come and take part in some fun warm up exercises used by a theatre company in the rehearsal process that kick-start creative thinking. 

New International Encounter (NIE) make award-winning theatre for and with young people that is playful and engaging. Find out more about how they make projects with creative tools. 


NIE Theatre


14. 30 - Keynote Speaker

Leave on a high with our dramatic closing speaker – Jem Hills


Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.

From Northern Soul to the Royal Marines… listen to Jem Hills, ex-Elite Special Forces, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur, talk about hard learnt lessons. Sometimes a story is all it takes for you to change perceptions and view the world differently.


15.30 – 16.30 – Exhibition, Networking, Free entry to the Museum


To attend

Attendance is free to all. Register by visiting the event page.

Upon registering you will be asked to select your chosen workshop for each time slot. After registering you will be provided with a link to book a Tesla test drive on the day.


To exhibit

If you would like to exhibit at the conference please contact


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