Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

You know you’ve got to be there in this modern business world, but you also know you’re a long way short of making the most of social media. And anyway, where’s the time? This course will show you how to get on the platforms of most benefit to your company, and how to use them to maximum effect with the investment of just a few minutes of your day.

Dates 30 Oct 2018 - This event is in the past.
Opening times 9.30am - 5.00pm
Venue Eagle Labs, 7-8 Clifton Court, Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 7BN
Organiser name Sarah Gleadell
01223 760108
Availability 12 places available.

Event details:

Social Media for Business

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciating the pace, style and substance of social media, and how to make that work for you.
  • The most important platforms to be on, and their particular advantages.
  • The critical times of day to post.
  • The often-overlooked bio, and how that can build help you a following.
  • Deciding on a narrative and style for your company.
  • What to write in your posts, and how to include photos and videos to maximise impact.
  • The use of links, hash tags and tags.
  • How to interact with posts to help build an audience.
  • The power of warmth, humour and supportiveness.
  • By the end of the course, delegates will be confident in understanding social media and how best to present their company on a range of platforms.  


Who is it for?

Beginners, or those with limited experience and knowledge, seeking to make social media work for their business.



  • The golden rules of social media.
  • Presenting a clear, resonant and compelling message that builds a loyal following.
  • The relative benefits of the five main sites; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, and their differing popularity and appeal to various types of audience.
  • Adapting one message for the different platforms.
  • How to take professional looking photos using only your phone, and how to use the images to give your posts greater impact.
  • The art of going viral.
  • The basics of online video, and how to create your own short films for a range of platforms.
  • Blogging, and how it can help your social media profile.
  • Using posts to drive traffic to your website.


Course Duration: 1 Day

Max. Delegates:   12

Facilitated by:      Simon Hall


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