Agri-Tech East: Bringing The Outside In - Innovating for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Agri-Tech East: Bringing The Outside In - Innovating for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture aims to create the optimum growing conditions, allowing year-round cropping of a wide range of high value, fresh produce closer to the point of consumption. Growing within a hygienic environment offers many benefits: Quality control – there is less requirement for plant protection chemicals, resulting in fewer residues in the products Tighter forecasting – production can be more closely aligned with market needs, thereby reducing waste Improved nutrition and taste – the growing medium can be tightly controlled to deliver high value crops Overcome seasonality – crops can be grown all year, enabling continuous cropping and also scope to grow exotics Improved productivity – vertical farming in industrial or retail units increases the growing area available for food production Plant production on non-agricultural land – closed environments can be used to grow ingredients for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industrial applications This one-day conference creates an opportunity to hear about new growing systems, the challenges, the business case and the experiences of early adopters. Hydroponics to grow crops use nutrients in water. Technologies include: – a deep-water system which offers higher nutrient levels and good ventilation control to provide greater consistency in temperature. – 3D hydroponic towers which combined with genomics improves quality traits and reduces cost of production Vertical soilless growing systems that uses less water and maximise growing space available Aeroponics – a plant cultivation technique where the plant roots are exposed in the air while nutrient solution is delivered to them in the form of a fine mist. Aquaponic urban farm – which combines two well-established farming practices – aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants in a nutrient solution without soil) in a recirculating system. The challenges of implementing a controlled environment solution. G’s Fresh are assessing the feasibility of converting a large standard greenhouse facility GrowUp Urban Farms share the learnings of six years scaling up its production facilities and describe what is needed to integrate it into the supply chain.

Dates 19 Mar 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Opening times 10am-4pm
Cost £50.00+VAT (members) / £75.00+VAT (non-members)
Venue Rothamsted Research, West Common, AL5 2JQ
Organiser name Becky Dodds
01223 760135

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Event details:

Vertical, indoor or urban – the technologies for production of high quality, consistent crops grown in highly controlled conditions are developing rapidly, making indoor commercial production at scale a viable proposition. We’ll be exploring the new technologies, the business models and the potential for scaling, as well as considering the viability of “out of the box” modular solutions for commercial applications and farm diversification opportunities.

Key questions still remain around how to realise the potential of vertical farming in the global food system of the future. Maximising yield, optimising flavour and nutrition, and harnessing new innovations in lighting, automation, plant breeding and systems management are key drivers, so this is a chance to hear the latest developments and discus what is needed to bring indoor production systems to widespread commercial application.

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This event will take place from 10am-4pm.

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