Webinar: Avoiding Overwhelm

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, wrung out?  When the pressures of the modern world all seems too much, what can you do to quieten the storm? This webinar will review some ways to help calm the inner turmoil, giving you more of a chance of dealing with the outer turmoil!

Dates Thursday, October 24, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 09:30 to 11:15
Venue Webinar
Contact Name Debbie Jeremiah
Email debbie@thinkingspace.training
Contact Phone 07342170173
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Event details:

"There is really a lot of content in this class, starting with overwhelm and burnout, discussing healthy mindsets and giving a valuable set of tools to make changes for the better in your brain. These concepts may not be new or earth-shattering, but put together, they form a great plan of attack for feeling in control of your life. A great class with Debbie, like the others in the series!"


Learning objectives:

  • Identify the signs and likely causes of overwhelm and burnout
  • Reflect on the impact of your own mindset
  • Measure and consider the key elements that contribute to your own healthy mental well-being
  • Explore the role of positivity on overwhelm and reflect on some well-being 'marginal gains' in your own life, through virtual ‘speed coaching'

Suitable For:

Anyone who operates a brain at work!

Webinar Options:

  • Thurs 24 Oct (London 09.30REGISTER
  • Weds 30 Oct (London 15.00/New York 11.00) REGISTER
  • Weds 04 Dec (London 09.30 REGISTER
  • Weds 11 Dec (London 16.00/New York 11.00REGISTER

Price: £49

Timing: 90 mins +15mins Q&A

Why a Webinar?

Need more emotional control? Clarity of thought? Support for overwhelm & pressure? But no time or energy for self-development? Relax ...

Our brain-friendly, interactive & engaging webinars on contemporary, mind, resilience & attention topics run regularly, in multiple time-zones. They cover the productivity, self-care & self-awareness topics that you probably wish you'd known about earlier in your life & career, or perhaps just need reminding about occasionally

Self-reflection & thinking space is encouraged throughout the (muted participant audio) webinar, by multiple co-annotated whiteboards and the chat box. Because we beleive this live experience generates more thought and insight than an on-line course, we run the webinars regularly 

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