Webinar: Focus & Attention

Multi-tasking? Ineffective? Just not enough hours in the day? Find out from brain science just how ineffective some of our normal working strategies can be and discover some alternative, more brain-friendly ways to get stuff done and take back time

Dates Thursday, November 28, 2019 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 09:30 to 11:15
Venue Webinar
Contact Name Debbie Jeremiah
Email debbie@thinkingspace.training
Contact Phone 07342170173
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Event details:

"The webinar gave me examples of things I could do immediately to increase my productivity at work.."

Learning objectives:

  • Explore how your brain typically focuses or gets distracted
  • Reflect on the typical human brain state and the implications of this at work
  • Identify just how effective you are when you multitask
  • Consider the structure of your day from the perspective of maximising your cognitive resources
  • Explore some brain smart working practices that you can immediately apply

Suitable For:

Anyone who operates a brain at work!

Webinar Options:

  • Thurs 21 Nov (London 16.00/New York 11.00REGISTER
  • Thurs 28 Nov (London 09.30REGISTER

Price: £49

Timing: 90 mins +15mins Q&A

Why a Webinar?

Need more emotional control? Clarity of thought? Support for overwhelm & pressure? But no time or energy for self-development? Relax ...

Our brain-friendly, interactive & engaging webinars on contemporary, mind, resilience & attention topics run regularly, in multiple time-zones. They cover the productivity, self-care & self-awareness topics that you probably wish you'd known about earlier in your life & career, or perhaps just need reminding about occasionally

Self-reflection & thinking space is encouraged throughout the (muted participant audio) webinar, by multiple co-annotated whiteboards and the chat box. Because we beleive this live experience generates more thought and insight than an on-line course, we run the webinars regularly 

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