WEBINAR: Innovation in uncertainty and scarcity - what we can learn from emerging market innovation

Disruption cause by Covid-19 has created a world of uncertainty and scarcity that we’re unused to in most developed markets.  This webinar shares a framework developed in emerging markets that can help you to successfully innovate in the face of scarcity and uncertainty.

Dates Wednesday, July 1, 2020 - Download as vCalendar
Event Times: 15:00 to 16:30
Venue Online
Contact Name Sophie Aldwinckle
Email events@cambridgewireless.co.uk
Contact Phone 01223967101
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Event details:

Businesses around the world have gone from a world of abundance to one of scarcity. Supply chains are disrupted. Finance is as uncertain as it has ever been. And yet most of the popular innovation and business tools share one common theme, an 'abundance mindset'. They help us to identify what customers 'really want' or they find new and more valuable ways to deliver that with technology or business models. But ultimately, they are rooted in the assumption that if you can create a 'better' thing, customers will find a way to your offering. So, if you're trying to innovate in the face of this uncertainty and scarcity, what can you do? 

There is an alternative. This webinar will share a simple but powerful framework and an accompanying mindset developed for innovating in emerging markets where scarcity is the norm. The framework can help you to understand the true barriers you’re facing to delivery and unleashing new innovation opportunities.

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