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13 July 2020 to 14 July 2020

Going Digital - Expanded, Enhanced and Engineered

Cambridge Cambourne Training Venue
This 1 day course can either be held at your premises or at the local Cambridgeshire venue in Cambourne on a date suitable for you.
9 March 2021

Unleash your creative drawing potential with Illustrator CS6. Are you wanting to create crisp sharp conceptual graphics to be used for either print or the web? Illustrator CS6 will allow you to create graphics to be used in print and for the web. The graphics you draw in Illustrator will / can be as small or as large as you like without the worry of seeing a sub-standard print output. Create amazing sharp images for print or for the web. This one day Adobe Illustrator CS6 training course is available to run on most days, either at your own premises or at the local Cambourne venue. 

Eagle Labs
12 March 2021

Learn how to be more creative: discover how to push your thinking in different ways and directions and learn techniques that will lead you to explore untrodden avenues.

17 March 2021

Have you left meetings wishing that you had spoken out or had a greater share of the airtime? Recognising that people are different, have you wondered how you can adapt your style of communication to better connect with others? Learn a consistently effective model of influence that you can deploy when needed.

Eagle Labs
13 May 2021

Motivational Maps is a self-perception inventory that provides individuals, managers and organisations with accurate, intelligent and practical information on what motivates people, as well as how motivated they are.