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Microsoft TechTalk: Three ways to ensure and enhance data classification using M365 on 20 April
20 April 2021

This webinar will cover the principles of data classification in Microsoft 365 and how we use it to build a solid foundation for good data governance. The data classification process tags data by sensitivity and risk. When data is classified it becomes possible to secure it more effectively against loss, abuse or theft.

21 April 2021

Over the last couple years, regulators in the United States have made major changes to the rules surrounding foreign direct investment (FDI) and national security – i.e. the CFIUS regime. Now, regulators in the UK are preparing to do the same, working on passage of the National Security and Investment (NSI) bill, which would grant the Department for Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) powers that may even go beyond those currently held by CFIUS.

Building a Robust Cloud Security Posture with a Microsoft First Approach on April 22
22 April 2021

Building and maintaining a robust cloud security posture within a defined budget is a demanding proposition that is increasing in both complexity and consequence, as attacks become more sophisticated, together with a myriad of over-lapping solutions. In this panel discussion we explore the ‘art of what is now possible’ with a Microsoft First approach to security and compliance.

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