Opportunities for permanent roles in a range of business sectors

Principal Innovation Strategy Consultant - MD

TTP is a fast-moving technology company that combines the skills of science, engineering and business enterprise to deliver novel technologies for our clients.

We are seeking a highly-talented practicing engineer or scientist with experience of business incubation to take a leading role in innovation strategy and enterprise from within our Pharma & Medical Devices division.

Purpose, Variety and Challenge

TTPs purpose is to innovate. Working on numerous projects simultaneously, you will input at varying levels within multi-disciplinary teams. Whether we are developing disruptive technology, or creating innovative products, we routinely realise our own and our clients most ambitious visions. You will have the opportunity to formulate business strategies, generate quality in offerings, create new products and markets, make the most of technology, accomplish conspicuous success and maximise your personal impact.


The Medical Devices team has in-depth experience of working to the demanding regulatory requirements of the life science sector, allowing TTP to make its unique product innovation capabilities available to global pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. The Medical Devices team has played a key role in the successful development and commercialisation of class leading products in a myriad of fields including drug delivery, surgical and diagnostics. With a global reputation for excellence, we have advanced healthcare significantly and have had a meaningful impact on peoples lives.

Freedom and career progression

TTPs organisational structure is minimal, and management is light-touch. Consequently, individuals have freedom to drive their own talents, passions and ideas in the interests of the business; we take a long term view and place great emphasis on career development and freedom. We promote a culture of openness and peer respect, without process or paper hierarchy. Initiatives can and do emerge from anywhere in the organisation and we have the capacity and resilience to support individuals in the pursuit of their ideas. This allows capable, ambitious and driven individuals to thrive giving unusually wide scope to progress and influence business success. Consequently, career progression is measured not by job title (we dont use them), but by genuine responsibility and authority, and true leadership. Our ability to build businesses, both consulting and spin-out, and the continual growth and evolution of our initiatives offers a very broad range of career paths and opportunities for our consultants.

Professional Development

TTPs freedom extends to personal responsibility for growth and professional development. You will benefit from our focus on identifying your talents, and from ongoing training tailored to your unique requirements. Training typically involves a blend of mentoring, bespoke internal courses and externally run courses.

Internal Ownership and Reward

TTP operate an Employee Share Ownership Programme and is the only large Cambridge consultancy owned by current and former employees, resulting in a far-sighted and unique culture. Staff development, including share ownership and control, have been facilitators of growth and have been central to our success and resilience. You will be given the opportunity to buy shares in the business enabling you to share in the rewards of our successes.