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Graduate Product Development Physicist - MD

TTP is a fast-moving technology company that combines the skills of science, engineering and business enterprise to deliver novel technologies for our clients.

The graduate product development physicist role involves cutting to the core of technical and non-technical issues, discerning what they mean for the project and the company, and then creating something new from that insight.

The Medical Devices Groups business is based on robust solutions; neither rigorous yet inapplicable analysis nor unreliable pragmatism will do. A graduate product development physicist considers problems as they really are and applies technical insight and experience to identify what matters, enabling decision making and guiding design. Expertise in mechanics, thermodynamics, and mechanical and thermal properties of materials are frequently used, as well as an ability to develop experimental or theoretical models of complex processes which strike the right balance between efficiency and fidelity for the purpose and stage of development which they support.

TTPs culture gives wide freedom to think and act, but also requires and expects it to be used. In this environment, an effective graduate product development physicist leverages their eclectic and growing experience, making time to reflect, to build their capabilities and judgement, and so increasing the value they add and direction they provide to a team.

As their experience grows, a graduate product development physicist develops practical understanding of the whole prospection, selling, and project delivery process, guiding clients from a outline need, through what to do and how, to a specification, a technology, and so to a product. They develop their ability to form relationships with key stakeholders, and to ascertain and address their needs.