Opportunities for permanent roles in a range of business sectors

Build & Tools Engineer

DisplayLink are looking for build and tools engineers to create, maintain and support the systems that support our engineering staff within the software department. This includes automation of builds as well as provisioning of environments.

Though we are not deploying services to the cloud we have adopted many of the principles of DevOps. We support our development teams by providing services and expertise to them with the emphasis on allowing them to do great work without the build and tools team getting in the way.

In your current role you may be known as a DevOps engineer, Build & Tools Engineer or a development engineer who wants to leverage their experience and cross train into a new role.

As a Build and Tools Engineer, you will have the following Key Skills:

  • Experience of Automating, debugging and optimising build jobs and automated tests using Jenkins, Python, Groovy, Shell
  • Configuring static and runtime analysis tools
  • Familiarity with a range of development environments and tool chains such as visual studio, Scons, CMake, Android Studio, GNU
  • Working knowledge of source control systems
  • System admin and automated installation of build servers
  • Administration of public or private cloud infrastructure such as AWS/Azure/Google Compute
  • Configuration of containers and virtual machines
  • Must have a growth mindset, continually be improving your craft learning new tools and techniques
  • Willing to support, educate and collaborate with our development team members.
  • Logging, graphing and alerting with tools such as Graphana/Graphite