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Graduate Electronics and Software Engineer

We are looking for an electronics and software graduate to join our group. You should have an excellent degree and be interested in designing electronic hardware and writing software and have a real interest in engineering that can be shown through hobbies or extra-curricular activity. We want to build on your strong engineering foundations and give you a brilliant career at Cambridge Consultants.

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You will be part of the Electronic Design group in the ICE (Industrial, Consumer and Energy) division. Engineers from the group work as Electronic and/or Software Engineers as part of a technical team on client projects.

Project teams move fast and are put together for each project to bring together the multidisciplinary skills and experience necessary to deliver a project to meet the client’s business needs. This means training and technical oversight are ingrained into the project team structure to give our graduates a flying start to their career.

This also allows promotion to be on merit. As you gain experience and establish a proven track record you can take on more responsibility, if you wish, and there is nothing to hold you back from taking bigger and bigger roles on project teams.

This is exactly how Gary Ewer [https://www.linkedin.com/in/garyewer/], the group leader of the Electronic Design group progressed from a gap year student to technical lead of one of our current big projects – the DNA Storage machine [https://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/DNAstorage] (don’t miss the video at the end of that link!).



At the beginning of your career at Cambridge Consultants you will work as part of project teams on the electronics and/or software. For big projects you may be part of a team of electronic/software engineers. For smaller projects you may be the only electronics and software engineer. Projects teams are always set up specifically for a project’s needs.

Our projects are very diverse within the ICE division. Here are some examples of things the group has worked on:

Our group also gets involved in the projects the Medical and Wireless divisions are working on, so you are not just limited to ICE projects!

Day to day work will be hands on engineering at your desk or in the lab. This could be some or all of an engineering project life cycle such as initial paper research, prototyping, detailed design, testing, verification, transfer to manufacture etc.

Client interaction is encouraged but will be as required for the project. Normally this will be for major project milestones but may become more regular as you play bigger roles in projects.

All projects have a dedicated project manager. If you are interested in project management then there will be opportunities to gain PM experience as your career develops. Or you can leave the project management to the project managers and stick to the technical stuff!



We are looking for someone with strong academic foundations that we can build on:

- Excellent degree or PhD in electrical, electronic or information engineering, computer science or engineering physics

- Practical experience through university, work or home projects of any of the following plus an enthusiasm to learn about the others:

  • PCB Design
  • C, C++ or Python software
  • Digital Electronics (processors, memories, communication busses etc)
  • Analogue electronics (transistors, opamps etc)
  • RF electronics (radios, antennas etc)
  • Power electronics (motors, SMPSs etc)

If your skills are even broader than that, then note we don’t “pigeon hole” people and can put all engineering skills to good use on projects. For example if you are a ninja with mechanical CAD, then we’d be happy to develop that skill alongside your software and electronics.

We also recommend taking a look at our FAQ’s & Tips page for help with your application: https://www.cambridgeconsultants.com/careers/faqs-tips



Why Cambridge Consultants?

Cambridge Consultants creates exciting and novel breakthroughs in technology and products. We help our clients achieve the kind of game-changing leap forward that will transform their whole business.

At the heart of what we do are talented and motivated multi-disciplinary teams empowered to create cutting edge technologies and systems to solve difficult problems for our clients.

We recognise and celebrate individual talent and we understand the importance of letting individuals be just that. Our people are here to do the best work of their lives and our job is to provide the platform for them to do it. That means letting people pursue the projects that interest them and develop their career in whatever direction they choose.

We’re committed to promoting a diverse workplace. We believe that diversity can only flourish when everyone feels included and has a sense of belonging.

We value all people regardless of gender, age, disability, race, ethnic origin, parental status, language, religion, marital status or sexual orientation.

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