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Principal DSP Engineer

The DSP group in Cambridge Consultants develops innovative new technology at the exciting intersection of Digital Signal Processing, High-Performance Computing, and Machine Learning. We work on projects ranging from small, fast-paced studies to large multidisciplinary developments of 50+ engineers. We’ve developed products and systems across a wide variety of technologies and applications ranging from hearing aids to global satellite networks, from the world’s first all-digital radio transmitter to complex deep-learning systems that interact with humans in real time.

We’re looking for:

  • A passionate technologist with a keen desire to broaden their horizons in new and exciting areas
  • A creative thinker who thrives when faced with tough engineering challenges
  • A skilled technical leader who takes ownership of tasks and mentors others

Role Description

As a Principal Engineer you will be involved in every stage of our technology development life-cycle, from developing proof-of-concept demonstrations for initial sales leads, to designing, implementing and testing innovative new products. You will bring your strong team leadership and collaborative skills to bear by taking significant responsibility for technical delivery, on projects ranging from small developments involving 2-5 engineers to large-scale multidisciplinary programmes. In addition to day-to-day project work, you’ll also play a part in creating the Cambridge Consultants of tomorrow, contributing to new IP generation and developing our capabilities in up-and-coming new technologies.

You’ll have the opportunity to steer your career along the path of your choice, whether you prefer meeting and talking with clients or perhaps leading large teams on multiple projects. Our collaborative and supportive working environment allows our engineers to quickly develop their skills and knowledge in unfamiliar areas, enabling us to drive the development of cutting-edge technologies evolving at a rapid pace.

Minimum Requirements

Essential -

  • Extensive programming skills in C or assembly language
  • A solid understanding of Signal Processing concepts
  • Experience of successfully leading project teams
  • A passion for engineering and technology
  • An imaginative and inquisitive mind and eagerness to learn new skills
  • A good degree in a relevant subject such as Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or Physics

Desirable -

  • Matlab for simulation and modelling
  • Acceleration with GPUs / parallel programming
  • Experience with Linux or scripting languages e.g. Python
  • Experience working with embedded hardware and tool chains
  • Understanding of concepts underpinning Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence