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Special Projects Manager

Join a team that is making a difference!

Azuri is paving the way in delivering next-generation energy to Africa to help the 600 million in Sub-Saharan Africa without access to main electricity to generate affordable, clean and reliable energy for their homes. 

Azuri uniquely combines cutting-edge solar innovation, mobile payment technology and machine-learning technology into a small, affordable systems specially designed for off-grid homes currently disadvantaged by remote distances and lack of grid access. Customers have a stand-alone solar system in their house, with a panel, control unit including batteries and consumer devices such as LED lights, rechargeable radio and television.

Our pay-as-you-go model enables customers to pay in small increments they can afford and once fully paid, the system is owned by the household and all power generated is free of charge to them. Azuri has already delivered systems for over 150,000 homes and changed nearly a million lives in the process. Adoption of pay-as-you-go solar is growing rapidly and over 2 million people in Africa now benefit from this technology.

Our company and solar systems are award-winning. Azuri was recently named in the Global CleanTech 100 list and has collected numerous awards including the Edison Gold Award and UN Climate Solutions Award for its innovative technology.

Azuri’s vision is to create a level playing field where all African consumers can access and benefit from modern services and digital world wherever they live.

Your role in the team

As a Special Projects Manager, you will be assigned one or more key programs to develop. These may range from introduction of a new product to onboarding a new partner or analysing the market for a new service. Projects typically last 3-12 months and will involve extended periods in the market in Africa, usually based out of one of Azuri’s regional offices. This fascinating and exciting role will suit an individual who likes to be “hands on” in the early phases of a new activity, forging the key relationships and partnerships, working with other Azuri personnel and program managing the introduction of a new activity. Example projects might include:

Bring on board a new major distribution partner in Uganda. Take the activity from the initial program engagement with Azuri, through the project planning phase and into implementation and monitoring, followed by handover to local staff. Such a project will typically take 6-12 months to complete.

Introduce a new product, such as a solar powered irrigation pump in Tanzania. Starting with a functional pilot project, identify the local partners to work with and manage the early stage rollout to assess the customer feedback and scale rollout plans. Build the team locally to take the project to full scale deployment and progressively hand over the project. Such a project will typically take 3 months full time and then 3-9 months part time as the local team takes on the responsibility.

Determine the market opportunity for solar powered TV in bars and restaurants in peri-urban Nigeria. Undertake primary market research (in collaboration with the local Azuri teams) to determine the opportunity and specify the pilot programs needed to test the opportunity. Work with the Azuri team and local partners to hand over the project for scale up. Such a project may require a few weeks of dedicated activity and 3 months of handover.

The Special Projects Manager is an exciting and varied role for an entrepreneurial and business-aware individual who likes working in the early stages of new projects. The role requires a high level of autonomy and a desire to travel and develop new opportunities. The role will involve travel for extended periods (months) according to the project requirements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Market Analysis: Determine the specific requirements of a market for existing or new products and work with the Azuri team to build market introduction plans as appropriate.
  • Partner Management / Partner Development: Alongside the local teams, identify strategic partners for product / market introduction and work with those partners to solidify the relationship, undertake market introduction planning, leading to a formal partnership arrangement.
  • Program Management: Mange the introduction of new partners, products or services in to a given territory.
  • Handover Management: Take programs to a point where they can be handed over to local teams and ensure a smooth transition.

Skills Requirement

  • A self-starter with the ability to create a clear path forwards in a new area
  • Ability to understand and master new areas of market or technology rapidly
  • Ability to visualise the customer requirement and the experience to create clear and concise market introduction plans
  • Strong financial knowledge – the ability to routinely create business cases and models including revenue projections, cashflow and cost monitoring
  • Attention to detail – the ability to convert early stage engagements into specific action plans with appropriate follow-up

Experience / Education

  • 5 years+ in program or project management involving new product introduction and/or market analysis
  • Demonstrated operational responsibility for leading a small team to bring new products and services to market
  • Ideally experience of working in developing nations, particularly in Africa
  • Strong analytic capability and exceptional communication skills
  • Good Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field, almost certainly involving significant numerical or data analysis
  • MBA or similar experience likely to be required


  • TBD with extensive travel in Africa.

We work in a changing world which offers great opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We seek to attract and employ the best people from the widest talent pool, as well as those who reflect the diverse nature of our society. We aim to encourage a culture where people can be themselves and be valued for their strengths. Creating value through diversity is what makes us strong as a business and as an organisation with an increasingly agile workforce, we are open to flexible working arrangements where appropriate.

If you fit the above job description, please apply with your CV and Cover Letter.