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Quality Assurance Engineer (Spiral)

Are you ready to join the global leader in engineering and industrial software? You’ll be part of a team that drives digital transformation to over 16,000 customers across the globe and strives for excellence every day.

There are 4,700 of our people in more than 40 countries who challenge themselves and each other to create and improve the transformative technology our customers need. With our help, industries across the world can make a positive difference to the lives of people everywhere.

We take pride in our core values and the diversity of our people, valuing the unique experience and expertise that people from different backgrounds bring to our business. At AVEVA, we’re all about Limitless possibilities. Are you?

What does Spiral Do

We produce software for the Oil & Gas and Mining, Minerals and Metals industries, focusing on optimising and improving their ability to manage their supply chain. Spiral Suite is composed of a number of modules that focus on specific parts of the supply chain. Each module is built using mainly desktop technologies, producing both client- and server-side components that allow our users to share data easily.

For more information on our product range, please visit the Aveva website.

ob Purpose

The domains we work in are complex in their nature, so it's crucial that we have highly motivated members of the QA team who want to learn more about the customers we work with and the workflows they want to achieve. Learning is the foundation of our team, which is why all members of the QA team are expected to become both domain and product experts over time. This doesn't happen by chance; we put a huge emphasis on training and mentoring when new members join our QA team. Training does not stop at the domain and product level either. We also invest in developing your QA skills, ranging from manual, through to automated and non-functional testing techniques. All of the mentoring and training helps you to be more effective at all stages of QA.

Aside from training, there is an increasing focus on regressing our products through automated testing. Our hand-written frameworks (in C# using either Coded UI or Selenium WebDriver) help reduce the effort needed for manual regression, freeing up time for us to apply the human aspect of QA. This allows us to assess the questions automated testing struggles to answer, such as "How easy is the product to use?" and "Can we improve the workflow for our end users?". These are just as important to answer as "Does the product work?".

Principal Accountabilities

We are quality assurance and not simply software testers. It's a small but important distinction to make. We are involved in all stages of the development life cycle, not just testing the implemented features. You cannot test quality into the product, so we put the emphasis on baking quality into the development phase. This is achieved in a variety of ways, such as:

• Working in a small scrum team with developers, shaping and evolving the way your team works together to deliver awesome features
• Getting involved at the earliest stages possible in feature development, such as reviewing UX designs and mock ups or discussing the details of changes being requested by the product manager and/or customer
• Representing our end users, feeding back on the usability of our products by applying our domain and product knowledge for each change being made
• Training members of your immediate team and from the wider company on how to use our products more effectively

All changes made to our products go through our QA team to ensure we are achieving the right level of quality for our end users.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required

We believe there are a core set of values that all QA members should embody in order to succeed at Spiral:

• Communication is easy for you, allowing you to clearly explain topics to colleagues as well as being able to understand topics that are explained to you
• You are proactive in your approach to communication, seeking out colleagues when something is not clear or when you have questions of any variety
• You can think rationally and apply sound logic in situations where you are working autonomously without having to continually validate your approach with other members of the team
• You learn new skills and techniques when required in order to adapt to changes in the products themselves and processes surrounding the development of them
• You are motivated to learn and improve yourself as well as improving the way we work together and the products we make
• You have a methodical approach to your work, allowing you to break a complex problem down into smaller, more logical parts while also understanding the dependencies between those parts
• You have experience with manually testing software, using industry standard approaches to confirming that features, changes and bug fixes to software work as expected

AVEVA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we take pride in the diversity of our employees, valuing the special experience and expertise that people from different backgrounds bring to our business.  The ability to develop ground-breaking technologies is one of our key assets and our people make it happen.

Come and join AVEVA to create the transformative technology that enables our customers to engineer a better world.