Opportunities for permanent roles in a range of business sectors

PCB Design Engineer

Due to DisplayLink’s continued growth we are looking for a PCB Layout Engineer with strong skills with Altium Designer. You will be fully responsible for the layout of complex multilayer PCB designs from initial concept and placement through to production ready designs.

General responsibilities include:

Generation of PCB artworks, bill-of-materials and production drawings

Library part creation and system maintenance

Liaising with PCB suppliers and local contract manufacturers and design companies

When required, oversee the work of and external PCB design bureau

Essential Attributes: 

Excellent working knowledge of Altium Designer / Nexus

Ability to work closely and in cooperation with hardware engineers

Switch-mode power supply layout and controlled impedance routing

Experience of high speed digital interfaces (e.g. DDR, USB, HDMI, DisplayPort)

Knowledge of constraint based routing

Familiar with PCB EMC techniques (filters, planes, coupling and shielding)

Design experience of conventional and HDI PCB stack-ups

Familiarity of IPC standards and method of working

Desirable Attributes: 

Familiar with schematic design

Basic understanding of electronic principles

Understanding of how board technology and other factors can influence board costs

Understanding of SI and PDN principles