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Test and Service Engineer

Applications are invited for a Test and Service Engineer post in the Quantum Information Group at Toshiba Research Europe Ltd. The successful applicant will work in a rapidly expanding team for manufacturing state-of-the-art quantum cryptogrpahic systems. S/he will be responsible for testing/debugging quantum cryptographic systems as well as installing and servicing them at cusmtomers‘ sites.  Appropriate traing will be given.


  • System-level test of optical communication hardware
  • Collect test data and write report
  • Install and service quantum cryptographic systems at customers’ sites

Mandatory requirement:

  • BSc/BEng degree or above level in Electronic Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, or a related discipline
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to strictly follow procedures
  • Able to work individually or as a team member 
  • Attention to detail
  • Demonstrated ability to write detailed technical documents


  • Familiar with Linux operation system
  • Knowledge of electronics  

Background information:

Keeping personal data safe and secure is one of the greatest challenges posed by the rapid development of today’s information technology. To meet this challenge, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) has emerged as a revolutionary technology that allows the distribution of digital keys needed for data protection with security guaranteed by the laws of quantum physics. Unlike existing technologies based on public key cryptography, QKD is future proof and is not vulnerable to technological advances in mathematics, engineering, or computing power and or even the realisation of a quantum computers.

Toshiba Research Europe Limited has pioneered the development of high speed QKD systems over the past decade.  It developed the first Quantum Cryptography system operating over 100 km of fibre and the first to operate with a secure key rate of 10 Mbit/sec. Toshiba quantum cryptography systems are deployed in secure fibre networks in the UK, EU, US and Japan. 

Applicants should submit a CV, contact details of three referees and a covering letter stating clearly which role they are applying for.