Opportunities for permanent roles in a range of business sectors

Data Scientist in Cambridge-based Data Science company

PolyChord is a fast growing Cambridge-based data science company (also with a small London office) with unique cutting edge tools, a spinout from the Cambridge University Astrophysics department in 2017. We have recently been awarded an Innovate UK grant and seek to employ a second and third data scientist (eventually) to work in central Cambridge at The Hauser Centre which is part of Ideaspace in the midst of Cambridge's thriving new technology sector. Or now at home given current cirumstances!

We envisage working initially starting on another of our Innovate UK projects and also encompassing other interesting tasks. Physics or Astrophysics would be an ideal subject for prospective candidates; or maths and statistics. We get invited (past tense is understood here however we still Network event virtually) to a lot of Networking events across a wide-ranging span of different applied technologies, including clean and renewable energy, connected and autonomous vehicles, Satellite based Earth Observation; and Life Sciences. Prospective candidates should feel comfortable with (and hopefully enjoy) attending such events, engaging with potential collaborating organisations and helping to explore opportunities - obviously only after a considerable period of initial familiarisation. And when things start getting back to normal again, as everything is zoom calls at the moment.


  • Analyse data using core PolyChord tool working alongside leading data scientist PolyChord Chief Technical Officer Dr Will Handley
  • Work to develop integrations of PolyChord technology - using python
  • Get familiar with cutting edge new techniques of Likelihood Free Inference
  • Collaborate with field testing team to develop analytical prototypes through to production
  • Assist with creation of web based interface to deploy finished tools
  • Contribute to a series of other interesting and challenging data science challenges in different commercial use cases.


  • Post doc or MA degree or equivalent experience in quantative field (Physics, astrophysics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.)
  • Possibly 1 - 2 years' of experience in quantitative analytics or data modeling
  • Some experience and understanding of (and interest in) predictive modeling, machine-learning, possibly some knowledge of clustering and classification techniques, algorithms, ideally some knowledge of Bayesian model fitting
  • Fluency in some programming languages eg (Python, C,C++, Java, SQL)
  • Familiarity with Big Data frameworks and knowledge of issues relating to dimensionality and variables in modelling , possibly some knowledge of visualization tools
  • A genuine interest and enthusiasm for Bayesian data science and interest in cutting-edge approach to solving problems in mathematics /physics and a desire to bring Machine Learning forward in new and more effective ways.

Salary £65,000-£70,000 depending on qualifications and experience