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We are looking for someone with practical experience in computing clusters and cloud computing to join our cross-functional team of machine learning engineers and researchers. This role will be at the forefront of designing, building, maintaining and continuously adapting the infrastructure and development processes required to reliably scale-up and scale-out Myrtle’s rapidly expanding machine learning operations.

The candidate must have good communication skills in order to understand the requirements and educate the team about the developed solutions. The candidate should be comfortable operating in an agile environment.

Key Skills

  • Cluster computing/management. e.g. Kubernetes or Slurm.

  • Cloud computing. e.g. AWS, GCP or Microsoft Azure.

  • Unix.

  • Networking.

  • Storage.

  • Communication.

Nice to Haves

  • Experience designing, building and maintaining a large scalable infrastructure.

  • Knowledge about the requirements and processes necessary for developing machine learning models and products.

  • Experience handling and versioning large amounts (TBs) of data.