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Senior Compliance Officer

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The Senior Compliance Officer will work within and involve intensive collaboration with AVEVA’s Legal Department in establishing a Global Compliance Function and developing a comprehensive Global Compliance Programme for AVEVA.

They will work with wider counterparts in Legal, Finance and AVEVA’s various subsidiaries and business units to identify the risks facing AVEVA under, and determine the actions required to reduce the risk of financial penalties and reputational harm for non-compliance with, applicable laws and regulations in the fields of Anti-Bribery & Corruption (“ABC”), Anti-Money-Laundering (“AML”), competition/antitrust, data privacy, sanctions/export control, modern slavery and facilitation of tax evasion (the “key compliance risk areas”).

Reporting to the Deputy General Counsel, the Senior Compliance Officer will participate in the strategic design, communication, oversight and progressive enhancement of a Global Compliance Programme for AVEVA.

AVEVA’s Compliance Function will ensure the effective implementation of that programme across AVEVA, through securing management engagement, staff training and communications, the establishment and operation of effective systems and controls (integrated, to the maximal extent possible, into AVEVA’s existing controls environment) to support that programme, and the conduct of such monitoring, oversight and audit activities as are identified as necessary.

AVEVA’s compliance function will be responsible for oversight of compliance by AVEVA’s subsidiaries and operations globally, with all aspects of AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme, thereby supporting and enhancing AVEVA’s commercial and corporate responsibility goals.

The intention is for AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme to be established within 2020, so we are looking for someone to join as soon as possible.

The following accountabilities are things that the applicant won’t need to have demonstrable experience in, but will be expected to work towards performing within the role:

Principle Accountabilities

The key activities for the role will be:

• Establish and lead a global compliance function to implement and oversee, in collaboration with wider Legal and other internal stakeholders, AVEVA’s comprehensive Global Compliance Programme.
• Report, along with wider Legal, to Audit Committee on the implementation and operation of AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme.
• Design, implement and oversee the operation of effective policies, procedures and controls to ensure that AVEVA conducts its global business responsibly and ethically, and to seek to secure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in all key compliance risk areas.
• Ensure all members of compliance function develop and maintain familiarity with AVEVA’s business, all relevant AVEVA policies, procedures and controls and key legal/regulatory developments and best-practice trends in all key compliance risk areas.
• Conduct risk assessments as needed, in collaboration with the wider Legal team, to identify and determine level of compliance risks faced by AVEVA globally, locally, and in connection with specific initiatives, to inform design of appropriate procedures and controls.
• Act as trusted business advisor for relevant internal stakeholders, with a view to embedding compliance as an integral part of day-to-day operations and strategic business decision-making.
• Develop and co-ordinate delivery of appropriate training and briefing materials and other communications to ensure effective communication on key compliance risk areas both within AVEVA and, as necessary, within the AVEVA Partner Programme, Distributor network and to other relevant third-party stakeholders.
• Assist with due diligence, as required, in key compliance risk areas (whether regarding M&A, new business initiatives, customers/suppliers/vendors/third parties, new country entry or other).
• Work with Finance, Legal and Business functions to optimise use of existing financial and compliance controls to secure effective compliance outcomes in key compliance risk areas, and where necessary to design and implement additional procedures and controls.
• Develop, in collaboration with wider Legal team and others, processes to monitor adherence to AVEVA’s compliance policies, and respond to instances of non-adherence (including through review of Gifts & Benefits Register, consideration of Speak Up reports, and other reports of issues of concern, etc).
• Investigate (in collaboration with Legal team) allegations of non-adherence to AVEVA’s compliance policies.
• Report to Legal and/or Audit Committee as necessary on issues of concern arising in key compliance risk areas, and on proposed or actioned remediation.
• Participate in the design of an internal audit plan in connection with AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme.
• Obtain advice and know-how, as appropriate, from external legal and other advisers as needed in connection with the design, implementation and day-to-day operation of AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme.
• Support HR and Legal as needed in any disciplinary processes in connection with compliance failings.
• Manage associated costs and budgets to lowest possible level through ongoing negotiation of terms of and liaison with external advisers.

Measures of Success:

• Establishment of Global Compliance Programme for AVEVA with Audit Committee approval by 31st March 2021.
• Identification and implementation of policies, procedures and controls to support AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme (including integration into existing controls framework) by end 31st September 2020.
• Identification of appropriate AVEVA staff populations for supplemental training in each key compliance risk area covered by AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme by 30th June 2020, and settlement of relevant training and/or briefing materials, with a first round such training or other communication to be completed within 31st September 2020.
• Identification of appropriate populations within AVEVA’s Partner Programme and Distributor Network (including identification of third parties acting as intermediaries for AVEVA) for ABC training/briefing/communication by 30th June 2020, and settlement of relevant materials/communications, with a first round of such training/briefing/communication to be completed by 31st September 2020.
• Development, in collaboration with Internal Audit, an internal audit plan in connection with AVEVA’s Global Compliance Programme by YE 2021.

• Essential Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Professional experience of a minimum of 8 years in total in one or more of the following mandatory business environments:
o private legal practice, in a contentious, financial crime, antitrust or compliance role;
o in-house legal practice, in a contentious, financial crime, antitrust or compliance role at a company with multinational operations;
o internal compliance or audit role at a company with multinational operations; or
o compliance consulting or advisory firm.
• Experience in providing support to sales and/or business services of a company with multinational operations for a minimum of 5 years;
• Experience in working in multi-cultural business environments, ideally including experience in dealing with colleagues or clients in Asia-Pacific, North America and continental Europe;
• Experience in working in managing substantial global projects; and
• Experience in supporting companies in engagement with external stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, external contractors, agents/distributors, government agencies, competitors and/or trade associations.

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