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Software Delivery Lead / Development Manager

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Our iOS/Android app and cloud are developed in-house by a team of 6-8 developers using a rich variety of languages, technologies and frameworks including C#, .NET, Xamarin, and Azure. We depend on an effective process and strong teamwork, both inside our dev team, and with other company functions. 

We’re now seeking candidates for the role of Software Delivery Lead, who will run the processes that enable our software development, and who will support the dev team and its members to communicate, coordinate and collaborate as effectively as possible.

This is not primarily a software development role. Instead the Software Delivery Lead will be successful if as a result of their actions the other members of the dev team can remain fully-focussed on the core technical aspects of their individual roles, with as many as possible of the surrounding leadership, coordination, reporting and other process-oriented tasks lifted from their shoulders.

The Software Delivery Lead will:

  • Own the overall software development life-cycle within the company, acting as the primary process leader and coordinator for the software development team.
  • Liaise frequently with key stakeholders including the CEO, CTO, and Product Director, and with technical and non-technical peers in QA, customer support, operations and elsewhere.
  • Take detailed input from the Product Director and work closely with the CTO and dev team to create, fastidiously maintain and relentlessly execute specific software development plans (ranging from quarter-by-quarter, through sprint-by-sprint, down to JIRA ticket level), resulting in the on-time delivery of committed results.
  • Schedule, lead and personally execute daily, weekly and sprintly processes and ceremonies including stand-ups, workshops, reviews, ad-hoc meetings and other activities as needed.
  • Encourage, chase and facilitate the on-time completion of necessary tasks across the team, challenging and supporting team members as appropriate.
  • Transparently record and report on weekly progress, distilling the details into a big picture, updating forecasts, flagging key risks early, assessing their risk level, and personally contributing to their mitigation.
  • Facilitate and encourage on-going team and process development/improvement, nurturing a professional approach and a strong work ethic.

Basic qualifications

We need applicants to have:

  • A strong technical software development background, with 7+ years experience, ideally with relevant technologies and applications.
  • Practical experience of an agile software lifecycle, continuous integration and release management in a commercial setting, with experience across one or more successful projects, actively contributing to their effective planning, execution and delivery.
  • An obsession with delivering results urgently and on a regular clock tick, being impatient for required outcomes, yet polite, respectful and resourceful in finding the best way forward in any situation.
  • Natural communication skills and an enjoyment of working closely with people, with an ability to facilitate collaboration between team members and with stakeholders, to minimise the risks of misunderstanding, and to maintain constant alignment of expectations.
  • Strong analytical skills to support rapid problem diagnosis and resolution.

Preferred qualifications

It would be of further benefit if applicants also had:

  • Previous experience in a team leadership role and/or a track record of successful scrum mastering including potentially as a Certified Scrum Master and/or an Agile practitioner.
  • A deep understanding of team-based software development as a discipline, including its challenges, pitfalls and the keys to success.
  • A strong desire to serve as much as to lead, getting satisfaction from enabling the achievements of others and of the team as a whole.
  • The enthusiasm to champion proven good practice, yet to be pragmatic and flexible enough to break the rules when necessary to unblock progress.
  • A desire to support and mentor junior team members in developing their professional software development skills.
  • A keen appreciation of the commercial and practical factors affecting a consumer-facing product company.
  • Most of all, an active enjoyment of multitasking, unblocking others, and (from time-to-time) a willingness to save the day by doing whatever it takes to get the job done: testing, debugging, reviewing, coding, and anything else that comes up.                

Benefits include

  • Competitive experience-based salary, 25 days holiday and company pension scheme.
  • Pawsome team-mates with great professional and social life / events.
  • City location with easy train access.
  • Dog-friendly office with well-stocked kitchen, garden, BBQ etc.