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Senior Software Engineer

ARM is looking for a highly skilled and motivated engineer with good technical skills to join an Agile software development team working on the edge of mobile GPU technology.

Working on the next generation Mali™ mobile GPUs and the latest yet-to-be-published Android versions, you will help shape the technologies that the mobile market will see in years to come.

You will be joining a multinational, dynamic and highly motivated software development team located in Cambridge (UK). The team is responsible for the Mali GPU driver components and framework devoted to instrumentation, GPU job dumping, performance analysis tooling and debugging utilities. The tools and software created will be used by both internal and external users across SW and HW divisions for performance analysis, product integration, HW functional and performance validation and GPU conformance for key benchmark and content.

What you will be involved with:

You will be working closely with the multi-disciplined engineering teams across ARM’s European design centres developing drivers and the instrumentation needed for graphics and computer performance analysis. Our challenge is creating the framework to analyse a system executing millions of operations per second across both hardware and software.

Day to day activities include:

  • Design of new features and components and guiding other team members during the implementation phase.
  • Working closely with the architects’ team to agree on the best design possible.
  • Writing ultra-low overhead code for both the user and kernel space parts of the driver.
  • Writing efficient code for the post-processing analysis framework.
  • Maintaining the existing codebase: fixing bugs and other quality assurance activities.
  • Reviewing other people's code.
  • Writing and maintaining documentation.

This is an amazing opportunity to influence products and technology that millions of people will use around the globe years ahead of the product release.

About the Media Processing Group:

The Media Processing Group produces graphics hardware and software products for mobile and embedded devices. Our product portfolio includes GPU, Display and Video IP. Our Mali™ Graphics Processors (GPUs) have an advanced, highly programmable architecture for accelerating 2D and 3D graphics, specifically tuned for high performance and energy efficiency. Our Vulkan, OpenGL ES, OpenCL and Renderscript drivers support cutting edge gaming and state of the art user interfaces on operating systems such as Linux and Android. To see the current Mali GPUs in action take a look at the Mali Developer Center (http://www.malideveloper.com).

Our mission is to be the number one provider of 2D/3D Graphics technology on the planet. If you have a passion for technology and want to shape the future of mobile devices, then we want to hear from you.

Skills & Experience required:

  • Experience of software development for a commercial organization.
  • Experience developing software on Linux or Android environments, preferably in driver or middleware development.
  • Excellent problem solving abilities.
  • Ability to express complex ideas to people of all technical abilities.
  • Good design software skills and ability to integrate into existing components.
  • Mentoring skills and ability to technical leading activities.
  • Expert knowledge of C.
  • Basic knowledge of Python language.
  • Experience with standard GNU/Linux tool chain, shells, source versioning systems such as GIT, scripting languages and build systems.
  • Practical, organized and analytical approach to work.
  • Good oral and written English skills.

Our Core Beliefs lie at the heart of Arm and represent the essence of our organization. When combined and working together, they articulate the uniqueness of Arm culture:

Passion for Progress

Innovation that enables our ecosystems, Arm and our people to thrive.

  • Work with pace and judgment. Adapt to circumstances.
  • Take risks in support of Arm's progress.
  • Be accountable for the decisions you make. Learn from failure.
  • Pursue innovation relentlessly.

We, Not I

Collaboration first, egos last.

  • Start with long-term value to customers and partners, and work back from there.
  • Collaborate, decide, commit, and bring people with you.
  • Make the most of all the skills and knowledge across Arm; share information with those who need it.
  • Care about the people around you.

Be your Brilliant Self

Skillful individuality, performance and fulfilment.

  • Be authentic.
  • Seek and embrace differences.
  • Encourage curiosity and challenge.
  • Give people trust and autonomy; show people they can trust you to do brilliant work in pursuit of Arm's goals.

Arm has a responsibility to ensure that all employees are eligible to live and work in the UK.

With offices around the world, Arm is a diverse organisation of dedicated, innovative and highly talented professionals. By enabling a vibrant, inclusive, meritocratic, and open workplace, where all our people can grow and succeed, we encourage our people to share their unique contributions to Arm's success in the global marketplace.