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Compute System Architect

We are looking for a hardworking Compute System Architect to join us as part of the Applied Computer Vision Team.

In Arm's Central Technology group we are building trail-blazing future technology which will keep Arm-based products redefining the state-of-the-art.

This team is responsible for use case focused computer vision, computational photography and videography algorithm and technology investigations, aimed to guide architecture definition of the next-gen Arm compute platforms for mobile, home and other market segments. Are you passionate about shaping the future of CV/ML/AI compute at Arm ? Do you want to see the architectures you have invented being used by millions of people? We may be looking just for you!

In this highly-visble role:

  • You will be part of an architecture team, giving you the opportunity to develop and make a meaningful contribution into Arm technology
  • The role will give you also outstanding opportunity to interact with world class specialists from multiple disciplines
  • The role offers analysing complex computer vision, media and graphics use cases and evaluating their compute, memory bandwidth and power requirements into heterogeneous system architecture concepts
  • Expertise in a system architecture (CPU, GPU, DSP, ISP and CV/ML/AI accelerators) and understanding how these processors work in modern heterogeneous compute platforms, with complex interconnect and memory systems
  • Experience in analysis of modern CV/ML/AI use cases for mobile devices
  • In depth understanding of various system design trade-offs: hardware vs. software partitioning, power, performance, memory bandwidth, latency, quality-of-service, real-time vs. non-real-time traffic
  • Understanding of the software stacks and APIs associated with the CV/ML/ISP/Graphics processor hardware
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with multiple teams under ambitious schedules

Nice to have:

  • Expertise in the field of CV, ML, AI, as well as image/video signal processing
  • Knowledge of Arm architecture

Our Core Beliefs lie at the heart of Arm and represent the essence of our organization. When combined and working together, they articulate the uniqueness of Arm culture:

Passion for Progress
Innovation that enables our ecosystems, Arm and our people to thrive.

  • Work with pace and judgment. Adapt to circumstances.
  • Take risks in support of Arm's progress.
  • Be accountable for the decisions you make. Learn from failure.
  • Pursue innovation relentlessly.

We, Not I
Collaboration first, egos last.

  • Start with long-term value to customers and partners, and work back from there.
  • Collaborate, decide, commit, and bring people with you.
  • Make the most of all the skills and knowledge across Arm; share information with those who need it.
  • Care about the people around you.

Be your Brilliant Self
Skillful individuality, performance and fulfilment.

  • Be authentic.
  • Seek and embrace differences.
  • Encourage curiosity and challenge.
  • Give people trust and autonomy; show people they can trust you to do brilliant work in pursuit of Arm's goals.

Arm has a responsibility to ensure that all employees are eligible to live and work in the UK.