Opportunities for permanent roles in a range of business sectors

Scientist - R&D

This position requires you to be able to conduct and analyse experiments, working independently without continuous supervision. Accountable for the accurate write-up of results and preliminary interpretation of them.


  • Take a leading role in the design and conduct of experiments
  • Analyse results fully and following up interesting ones which could produce novel data of scientific interest and potential value to ERBA Molecular
  • Ensure accurate, concise and up-to-date records of experimental data are maintained in laboratory notebook
  • Write internal technical reports and contribute to the production of manuscripts for external publications or patents for presentation to learned societies
  • Deliver presentations as required
  • Immediately consult with a supervisor when unusual observations or difficulties arise
  • Correctly operate, understand and be able to troubleshoot all equipment/instrumentation necessary to support work
  • Perform literature and supplier searches as required
  • Determine availability of required equipment and materials
  • Actively seek new methodology and develop techniques introducing them into the work as appropriate
  • Maintain an awareness of significant developments (via publications etc) which impact on work of laboratory
  • Meet agreed experimental and written targets in accordance with overall team objectives
  • Anticipate and respond to experimental and time needs of associated teams
  • Assemble demo kits
  • Assemble trial materials

The person undertaking this position must be able to demonstrate expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Molecular Assay Development R&D        

  • Bioinformatics
  • Primer design
  • Primer screening
  • In house assay optimisation
  • Designing and running real-time PCR experiments e.g. when used for benchmarking
  • Gel analysis & arranging sequencing of products

Transfer to Validation/Production

  • Demonstrated capability of transferring R&D formulations
  • Clear understanding of process transfer for scale up purposes

Sample Preparation R&D

  • Protocol chemistry improvements
  • Protocol workflow optimisation
  • Sample extraction benchmarks testing
  • Sample management and processing (Sputum, Blood, Stool)                                                              
  • New Consumable/Format testing
  • Novel hardware/automation understanding


  • Knowledge of aseptic techniques and understanding of handling pathogenic microorganisms including Blood Borne Viruses and organisms causing respiratory disease
  • Knowledge of culturing, passaging and storing micro-organisms

Company training in working at a Category 3 safety level will be required


  • A degree in a biological science
  • Comprehensive understanding of H&S issues associated with all aspects of research at the company
  • Reads and has an understanding of the scientific literature relevant to practical work and/or own discipline
  • Knows how to apply new techniques and adapt them to the relevant research
  • Understands and is able to apply own research efforts to Program/Feasibility Study goals
  • Is able to suggest new experiments in relation to set objectives
  • Is expected to become expert in the laboratory/section in own specialisation
  • Shows increasing range of computer competence

Communication Skills:

  • Can prepare clear and concise written communications including reports, experimental write-ups and presentations
  • Can present effectively at team/company meetings and, when appropriate, outside audiences
  • Cooperates and commits to the objectives of team