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Head of Product Management

Evonetix is recruiting a Head of product management to develop the definition and vision of the Company’s first products and work closely with the senior management team and Company’s engineers and research scientists to ensure that the Company’s product development meets and anticipates customer needs.

The Company:

Evonetix is developing a radically different approach to gene synthesis – a highly parallel desktop platform to synthesise DNA at unprecedented accuracy, scale and speed.  The company’s platform will place DNA synthesis in the hands of every researcher and change how DNA is accessed, made and used, creating a new paradigm in DNA synthesis.

This Company’s approach will empower the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology by enabling the development of novel healthcare treatments, reducing our reliance on petroleum and creating solutions in food and agriculture for an expanding global population.  The ability to make DNA at scale is essential if we are to harness biology to solve some of the planet’s greatest problems.

The Company’s ambition is that its technology become embedded across the field of molecular biology to fuel the synthetic biology revolution.

The role:

The principal functions of the Head of Product Management are to develop the definition and vision of the Company’s first products and, by working closely with the senior management team and Company’s engineers and research scientists, to ensure that the Company’s product development meets and anticipates customer needs.

In addition, the role will manage the Company’s early access programme with a small number of users and collaborators with whom an ongoing relationship will be sought through which to further develop and refine the company’s product portfolio.

The incumbent will be integral to the company’s product development activities and will be a key member of the internal teams responsible for the new development of current and new products in the pipeline and will have a close liaison with the company’s technical (engineering, chemistry and biology teams).

Key aspects of the role include:

  1. Product definition.  Define a clear product roadmap setting out (i) the differentiable strengths of the Company’s product(s); (ii) where there is the opportunity to develop new markets based on a nuanced understanding of unmet needs; and (iii) an understanding of near versus long-term revenue opportunities.  A key component of this process will be early engagement with likely early adopters, both in academia and industry, to understand their needs.  To support the above, Market Needs Assessments (MNAs) and Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) will be updated and refined (PRDs in coordination with the engineering team).
  2. Early access programme.  Define how the Company will engage with initial users and collaborators of the Company’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) who will be key allies of the Company in the run-up to product launch.  Develop and execute the plan for frequent and deep engagement with these customers, capturing their feedback and incorporating their feedback into ongoing product development.
  3. Product design & branding.  Provide user-based input into the product design and branding process.
  4. Presence.  The successful candidate should have or should develop excellent relationships with likely early adopters and across the potential user base more broadly to understand current and future needs of the sector.  This will include senior-level executives in client organisations.
  5. Company leadership team.  Be a key player in the Company’s leadership team, reporting to the CEO and establishing close and productive working relationships with key members of the management team as well as the Company’s engineers and scientists to ensure product development is consistent with market requirements.  Communicate plans and successes to the Company’s board of directors at directors’ meetings.

Key skills and experience required include:

  • A clear understanding of the opportunity the Company’s technology offers in the synthetic biology area and the ability to communicate the Company’s ambition in a credible fashion.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to give presentations to large and small audiences.
  • Able to develop and curate contacts with potential users.
  • At least five years’ experience in commercial biotech and a clear understanding of the opportunities presented by synthetic biology and the needs of researchers to exploit these opportunities.
  • The successful candidate will have a STEM background, probably in biology, molecular biology or synthetic biology.
  • The position is based in Cambridge, UK.