Opportunities for interim, contract and temporary positions

RF/Analogue - Intern 3 Months

Summer placement to look at novel radio communications circuits targeting very low power consumption using advanced CMOS processes.

We are looking for a creative and self-motivated intern to work in our Cambridge office with our RF/analogue team on a new project. The project will involve modelling performance, initially at a system level using MatLab, and then at circuit level using an RF simulator. There will be an opportunity to perform detailed RF measurements on circuits in our laboratory. This is for a summer placement of fixed duration. The successful candidate will work under the direction of a senior member of staff. The candidate is expected to complete and document the tasks so that the designs can be reused in our future products.
Minimum Qualifications   Bachelors Degree or equivalent
Preferred Qualifications   Knowledge of analogue circuits and CMOS technology. Some experience of simulation is an advantage but not essential.
Education Requirements   Bachelors Degree or equivalent