Opportunities for interim, contract and temporary positions


The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is looking for a skilled bookkeeper to manage bookkeeping for both UKAHT and also UKAHT’s trading subsidiary Antarctic Heritage Limited and also to produce quarterly management accounts, submit VAT returns and Gift Aid claims.  

Role:   Bookkeeper 
Reporting to: Chief Executive 
Location: Cambridge 

Contract Term: Three years – one day per week, preferably on site.  Fee paid monthly.

  •  To maintain proper financial and accounting records for both the charity and its trading subsidiary.
  •  To liaise closely with the UKAHT’s accountants providing timely records and reports for the Chief Executive and Board of Trustees.
  • To manage payroll including pension arrangements. 


  •  To process all financial transactions.
  •  To assist with budget and cash flow forecasting and reporting.
  • To perform regular bank reconciliations, ideally fortnightly.
  • Administer Gift Aid, VAT claims and HMRC payments.
  • Reconcile intercompany transactions, PayPal and WorldPay payments.
  • Prepare quarterly management accounts with the accountants for the Chief Executive and Board of Trustees.
  • Liaise with the UKAHT’s auditors.
  • Assistance with preparation of financial reporting for funders and grants givers. 

Contract Term: Three years – one day per week, preferably on site.  Fee paid monthly. 

Please provide a quotation along with a description of how the service would be provided and any matters you wish to draw to UKAHT’s attention.  
Please provide contact details for two referees who must be current clients.  
Tenders will be assessed on the following criteria:  

  • Must be fully conversant with Xero system.  
  • A good understanding of our sector needs.
  • Experience of working with charities and trading companies.  
  • A good understanding of the confidential nature of the work being undertaken.  
  • Able to produce reports as required by the Board of Trustees, Staff and our funders.  
  • Value for money.  
  • Timely and efficient service.  Qualifications.  
  • References. 

The closing date for responses is 1 April 2020 and should be emailed to lisa@ukaht.org  

We are the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, the principal organisation in the UK dedicated to the advancement of conservation, culture and education for heritage in Antarctica. 

Our aim is to connect people with the wonder of Antarctica and its stories of human endeavour to help promote a greater understanding of this extraordinary place and the role we all have in protecting it.  

We help conserve Antarctic heritage by looking after six historic sites on the Antarctic Peninsula, by delivering a range of vibrant and creative public programmes, and by working with Antarctic policy makers on issues related to heritage and conservation.  

Through focusing on the layers of human history in Antarctica, we use their remarkable stories to explore Antarctica and why it matters to us all, helping current and future generations understand, value and protect this precious wilderness.  

Building on our strengths, and learning from our experience, our ambition over the next decade is to: safeguard British heritage in Antarctica; engage a growing and increasingly diverse audience with this heritage and the wider questions concerning Antarctica; and use our expertise and influence to help secure a sustainable future for this most remarkable place on our planet.

Stories of human endeavour in Antarctica feed our imaginations and our understanding of Antarctica’s impact on our world, our lives and our future. 
To Protect, To Inspire, To Champion. 
Our mission is to promote a greater public engagement with Antarctica, through heritage conservation, storytelling and effective advocacy. 

OUR AIMS 1. To DISCOVER   We will create experiences and tell stories to inspire people with the wonder of this unique place on our planet. 
2. TO UNDERSTAND   Through the sites, artefacts and stories of extraordinary human endeavour, we will enable an understanding of Antarctica as a protected wilderness, its role in our planet climate system, its unique nature, biodiversity, history and geopolitical status, its scientific legacy and its global significance 
3. TO VALUE   We will promote the cultural, social, environmental and scientific value of this heritage to provoke in our audiences a sense of this precious legacy, which is a shared heritage and a shared responsibility. 
4. TO PROTECT   We will look after the heritage in our care and create for it a sustainable future so that it might remain to inspire future generations. We will use that heritage and all it represents to inspire more people to take action themselves to help protect Antarctica.