Biogeochemistry Laboratory Technician

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is looking for an outstanding Biogeochemistry Laboratory Technician to join our Ecosystems and Polar Oceans teams. BAS delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. We employ experts from many different professions to carry out our Science as well as keep the lights on, feed the research and support teams and keep everyone safe!


40% Biogeochemistry technician for SiCLING project

Silicon CycLing IN Glaciated environments (SiCLING) is a Natural Environment Research Council funded project aimed at understanding biogeochemical cycling in polar regions, investigating silicon and metal cycling within glacial sediments in Arctic and Antarctic fjords. A key objective of the project is to make new observations of the concentrations and stable isotopic compositions of silicon and iron in fjord waters and sediments, carry out process-study experiments in the field, and investigate the results using computational models. We seek an enthusiastic biogeochemistry laboratory technician with experience in planning and preparation for fieldwork, and chemical analyses in a laboratory setting, to be a member of the SiCLING team.

60% (subject to NCSS2 funding) Biogeochemistry technician for Polar Oceans and Ecosystems Team

Support for biogeochemical and biological laboratory analyses is a major need across a number of National Capability programmes led by the Ecosystems and Polar Oceans science teams at BAS, including BIOPOLE, CONSEC and the new NC-SS2 bid (including SCOOBIES and RATS). Key duties will include handling particulate-carbon and (micro)plankton samples involving sample preparation from filters, sediment traps and plankton nets. Also the upkeep, maintenance and operation of instruments such as the ZOOSCAN, FT-IR, spectrophotometer and flow cytometer.


  • Prepare field equipment and consumables for fieldwork (purchasing, cleansing, packing and shipping).
  • Assist in the shipping of equipment and samples back from the field
  • Laboratory preparation and analyses of samples for inorganic nutrient analysis of seawater in BAS laboratories (primarily using a segmented flow nutrient analyser and autosampler)
  • Purchasing and stock-taking of consumables and chemicals required for inorganic nutrient analysis of seawater
  • Assisting with preparation of other samples (e.g., marine sediments) for analysis in BAS laboratories
  • Oversight of key analytical instruments to ensure upkeep and maintenance schedules are implemented (e.g. ZOOSCAN, FT-IR, spectrophotometer and flow cytometer)
  • Preparation and running of biological samples through the above instrumentation
  • Securing of data in appropriate data structures and contributing to the writing of accompanying metadata documentation


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