Epitaxy Scientists

As a scientist in this field of work, this role will focus on MOCVD materials research and development activities. As a member of a team of materials growth scientists, you will be expected to investigate and develop the growth or deposition of graphene, other 2D materials, semiconductors and their heterostructures. Pushing the boundaries of what is currently understood about the epitaxy of these materials you will be required to invent, innovate, and develop processes to enable the achievement of our ambitious research targets.


  • Undertake research into the growth by MOCVD of graphene, two-dimensional and other novel materials as required by the company’s technology research and development roadmaps
  • Develop an understanding of the process spaces and windows of what’s possible with deposition of these materials and then push the boundaries of their characteristic performance capabilities
  • Work closely with the technology teams to develop the solutions for new devices and products from a technology and materials perspective symbiotically
  • Grow the company’s knowledge base and IP portfolio in the field of novel material MOCVD  




  • Qualification to PhD level, or higher-level degree paired with suitable experience
  • Significant knowledge and experience of MOCVD
  • Awareness of other deposition processes eg, PVD, CVD, MBE, ALD
  • Background in materials science, surface science, chemical engineering, chemistry or physics with understanding of gas phase and surface kinetics and fluid dynamics
  • Understanding of materials characterisation techniques and interpretation of results for example AFM, SEM, XRD, allowing formulation of definitive conclusions
  • Experience in the semi-conductor sector and/or novel materials space with understanding of materials application in technologies and products
  • Strong applied, hands-on experimental capabilities, understanding of Design of Experiments (DoE) approach and its advantages, tenacious approach to research and discovery
  • Ability to manage own time autonomously, prioritise tasks and workload across activities
  • Highly proactive with a considered and organised approach to tasks and a positive approach to achieving targets/objectives
  • Ability to present information clearly and appropriately for the audience


  • First-hand experience of other semiconductor process tools eg, PVD, CVD, PE-CVD, MBE, ALD
  • Experience of materials characterisation techniques, for example Raman spectroscopy AFM, Hall, PL, SEM, XRD, XPS and analysis of results allowing formulation of definitive conclusions
  • Cleanroom experience with equipment including thermal evaporation deposition, lithography, reactive etching
  • Understanding of solid-state device design and how materials development plugs into this
  • Knowledge of two-dimensional materials, technologies, devices and applications
  • A relevant professional qualification

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