Food and Climate Programme Manager

Cambridge Sustainable Food is looking for a Climate and Food Programme manager to lead, develop and deliver our climate and food programme as we seek to be a national gold standard city.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the CSF team and to make a real difference to climate change through raising awareness, running events and campaigns and in making a major contribution to Cambridge becoming a truly sustainable food city. 

You will have a varied and exciting workload, working closely with colleagues, CSF’s senior management, the CSF partnership board and project partners. You will lead our Climate and Food programme and join our vibrant and committed team, who are passionate about a sustainable and fair food system. We have limited resources but a ‘can do attitude’ and we invite you to have the same.

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Job title: Food and Climate Programme Manager

Responsible to: CEO

Working hours: 3 days per week ( flexible) 

Salary: £32,000 per year (pro rata)

Position type: 1-years fixed term with a 3-month probation period. Potential to be extended to a three year position

Location: Role is initially remote in line with the government’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Annual Leave: 25 days Basic Annual Leave + same proportion of public hols ( pro rata) 

Closing date for applications: Sunday Feb 13th, 5pm

For further information about this role and its requirements and details on how to apply see here.

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