Research Software Development Engineer

Inspired by the environmental challenge, driven by the desire to solve problems long considered too difficult, Monumo is changing the game. At Monumo we are combining human ingenuity with deep tech intelligence to deliver more sustainable designs and solve engineering problems impossible by conventional means.Our methodology—using human creativity to set parameters but AI to determine the best possible answers—opens the door to optimal solutions and disruptive new design ideas that would be impossible or at the very least improbable without this blend of great engineers and compute power. Our focus at present is on the engineering design problem of electric motors – a mature but increasingly vital technology with plenty of room for improvement. However, the techniques and the creativity employed to solve the engineering and technical problems of improving motor performance can be applied to other challenges. The tools we are creating can be applied to clean energy generation, aviation, heavy industry, manufacturing, robotics… there’s a lot to optimise.Every effort must be made to solve the climate crisis, to protect the Earth’s resources, reduce the materials we use, increase the efficiency and performance of things we make and reduce their impact. Monumo can play a meaningful part in this change. We are a well-funded start-up based just outside of Cambridge UK and in 2023 will have a new home on an attractive campus very close to Cambridge Railway Station with plenty of cafes, bars and leisure facilities on its doorstep. Our core team brings together complimentary skills and expertise from Arm, Microsoft Research, Plextek and Academia. We really value everyone’s individual experience and the different perspectives, skills and humour they bring to our team.

Why we need you

What we are doing is fundamentally novel. You may come from a physics, computer science or engineering background – we're very open minded about that. We need you to help us solve complex interdisciplinary problems to improve how most of the world’s energy is used by optimising electric motors to their fundamental limits. You will be working on a wide variety of interesting tasks in a multi-disciplinary team of hardware engineers, physicists and computer science experts.


What you’ll bring that we will value

Below are some of the skills and motivations we’re looking for in this role. Don’t worry if you don’t tick all of them. More important is your willingness to grow, be flexible and learn new things.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Degree in physics, computer science, engineering or equivalent experience
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • 2 years+ professional experience developing software (python, C++)
  • Knowledge of parallelization techniques and frameworks (e.g. MPI, ray)
  • Knowledge of software development cycle (design, testing, automation)
  • Open-mindedness, interdisciplinary thinking
  • Ability to collaborate with other team members from different backgrounds (machine learning, physics, engineering)

If you have any of these, that would be great ….​

  • Developing software simulators (e.g. physics engines, scientific simulators)
  • Experience with FEM solvers (Elmer, OpenFOAM)
  • Linux scripting experience
  • Scientific computation
  • GPGPU programming

You will thrive in our team if you are motivated by:

  • Solving real world technical problems by being open minded and using interdisciplinary thinking
  • Learning new things and technologies – expanding your mindset and professional growth
  • Sharing ideas about how we can do things better
  • Having autonomy as well as collaborating with team members from different backgrounds (machine learning, physics, engineering)
  • Working in a dynamic environment
  • Passion for developing a purpose-driven business that will make a difference in people's lives.

“What attracted me to join Monumo, was that I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone and do something difficult whilst having an impact on the real world! At Monumo I have a high level of autonomy and I do feel that I am trusted. Above all, I am working on difficult tech problems and using my brain to solve important challenges that have a positive global impact.” Jaroslaw Rzepecki, Head of Software Engineering


How we will reward you

  • A starting salary of £50k+
  • 30 days holiday a year, 8 bank holidays plus additional time off between Christmas and New Year to reflect on the past year and prepare for the new.
  • After every 5th year at Monumo, you can take a paid sabbatical for 30 days to travel, work on personal projects or simply to recharge and reboot.
  • We all own a bit of Monumo! Everyone who joins will receive a meaningful share of the business in the form of Options attached to their salary.
  • Support to take care of your mental and physical well being.
  • Healthcare and a pension plan with employer contributions, childcare voucher scheme and a cycle to work scheme.
  • Hybrid working with 1 core day a week in the office. We are flexible about where you work. Most of us are in and around Cambridge in the UK and make an effort to get together frequently. Communicating openly and regularly helps us get a lot done.
  • We encourage ongoing training and development for everyone - if you have an idea let us know! If it’s viable we will sponsor it!
  • We pay a referral fee for new joiners you introduce to us as a thank you.


Monumo welcomes different people with diverse perspectives

We welcome people of different backgrounds and experiences and believe that a diverse group of people is a massive business benefit. We are committed to building an inclusive work environment that makes Monumo a great home for everyone. We are an equal opportunity employer and want to build a work environment where everyone is happy, productive and respectful so they can do their best work. If you have a disability or additional needs that require accommodation, just let us know.


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