Senior Software Developer

Anvil enables anyone who can write some Python to build and publish production-quality full-stack web apps. We’re looking for an experienced developer to work on the core Anvil platform, with a focus on back-end and systems engineering.

Full-time (part-time/flexible also available); Cambridge, UK; On-site or hybrid; To £80k; Visa sponsorship available

Web dev is way too complicated, especially if you’re not a professional full-stack developer. So we built Anvil: a simpler way for anyone to build production-quality full-stack web apps, entirely in Python. Anvil is an open-source web framework, an online code editor, a GUI builder, and a hosting platform. And you’ll be helping us with all of it. (Read more about us)

We’re looking for an experienced developer to work on the core Anvil platform, with a focus on back-end and systems engineering.

You’ll be building the platform-as-a-service that hosts and deploys our users’ apps, as well as the Anvil Editor they use to write their code, design their UIs, and edit their databases. There’s a lot to Anvil: a code editor, drag-and-drop designer, version control system, Python-to-JS compiler, an object database built on Postgres, and a deployment platform that can host these apps. It’s all under production load – people run businesses on this thing – and you’ll be touching all of it.

We’re looking for a great all-rounder who’s comfortable with a variety of technologies. You’ll have either run things in production before, or have a track record of building cool things. Our stack is mostly Clojure, Javascript, Python, Postgres, and container tools – but the right person won’t be put off by jumping into something you haven’t used before. We’re looking for someone who’s comfortable sitting down and diagnosing pathological database performance (even if you’re working it out from the Postgres manual as you go), or whiteboarding out how we should orchestrate our users’ workloads across our server fleet and then writing the code to do it.

You’ll be working with other seriously good all-rounders, including the founders (PhDs in programming usability, contributors to the Linux kernel and builders of backyard dancing fountains) and senior colleagues (a former maths teacher who went from “teaching Python to students” to “reverse-engineering Anvil’s designer to build a better UI library” in months), as well as our other developers and developer advocates. It’s a smart team, and all of us care deeply about building interesting technology that makes life easier for other developers.

If that sounds like fun, please drop us a line to with your CV and a description of something cool you’ve built or have maintained in production. If you’re excited about the role but you worry you’re not exactly who we’re looking for, we encourage you to apply!

What’s it like working here? Read about us, or hear from the team who already work here.

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