Transition to Leadership


Promotion makes us managers - often with no management experience or training. We sink or swim and our people sink or swim with us. Some of us are good at 'getting it done' but what damage may we cause along the way?

We have our natural leadership style but unless we are aware of it, we will be unable to flex when required and the morale and resilience of the team will be negatively affected.

This two-day event is designed to highlight what is important, what you currently 'measure up to' and where you can change to ensure greater leadership success.


  • To enable managers to become effective leaders

  • To know what to work on to create a high performing climate through leadership behaviours

  • To provide tools and techniques to lead through change

  • To become highly self-aware and be able to adapt self to achieve maximum potential of the team

Workshop Content

  • Leaders vs Managers

  • What makes a good leader?

  • Who will your legacy be? What vs How

  • Leadership types - pros and cons of your style and how to use them

  • Authority, Presence and Impact

  • Charisma - where is yours and how to change it

  • Recognition - one simple step to keep your team motivated

  • The S Word - the 4 pillars of strategy

  • Driving change - the leadership challenge

  • Psychology of the resistance to change

  • 8 steps for transformational change

  • Leadership and Culture - why would anyone want to be led by you?

  • Changing belief systems

  • Personal action plan

Duration: 2 Day Credits: 4.2
CPD Points: 13 Member Cost: £630.00+VAT
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: £945.00+VAT