Management Skills to Promote and Support Mental Health at Work

A series of 6 half-day workshops to address management competencies to help identify poor mental health, confidently talk about concerns and support employees with mental health concerns.

Who is it for? Line managers with responsibility for others.

This series of workshops aims to give you an understanding of the importance of line managers in addressing concerns around mental health at work. The training provides practical guidance and an environment to openly discuss issues and concerns.

The series of workshops will cover the following areas:

Leading Wellbeing at Work ... Understanding Mental Health

  • What do we know about mental health?
  • Helping others to manage mental health with appropriate boundaries
  • Signposting to support services

Stress Awareness

  • Management competences to reduce and prevent stress at work
  • Recognising the signs of stress and poor mental health
  • Applying learning to the team

Attentive Listening for Improved Mental Health

  • Communication and mental health
  • The importance of empathy and building rapport
  • Preparing for conversations with the team

Overcoming Barriers to Open Discussions

  • Exploring fears and reducing discomfort
  • Practicing a solution-focused tool to managing different perspectives
  • Identifying current challenges for appropriate action

Creating an Open Culture for Good Mental Health

  • Exploring the stigma and individual beliefs about mental health
  • Creating a framework for open discussions
  • Implementing the framework at team meetings

Managing Absences and Welcoming Your People Back to Work

  • Appropriate contact during sickness absences
  • Welcoming someone back and continuing support after a mental health absence
  • Creating a process for monitoring wellbeing


Each session ends with developing an action plan for putting learning into practice in the workplace. The learning is sustained by providing monthly reviews and peer support in the sessions, to ensure skills are applied back in the workplace.

The workshop series focuses on management competences in reducing and preventing stress. It is a mix of theory and practical application of new behaviours.


Duration: Flexible  
Format: 6 x half days Member Cost: Contact us
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: Contact us