Sales Growth Programme


Professional selling has become devalued over recent years, so much so, that often you find a sales person disguised as an Account Manager, or a Relationship Manager, or a Consultant.  Any person who is looking for new business will be involved in selling, and it stretches from schools, to lawyers, to the automotive industry.  What is often de-valued is the real fact that selling is the lifeblood of an organisation.  It is the sales person that provides the revenue from which the organisation can thrive.  

This programme is designed to develop and enhance existing skills, and introduce new skills to those who are unfamiliar with business development.  The learning contains a combination of practical workshop learning and one-to-one tutoring from others who have earned the right to tutor in this arena.

The programme runs over a 5 month period (one full-day per month) and is divided into 3 key learning areas:

  • Developing Yourself
  • Developing your Skills
  • Developing the Business


Outcomes from the programme

  • Dramatically improve your sales and revenue performance
  • To adopt a sales focussed attitude that gains results
  • To have the confidence and knowledge in how to gain new business and farm existing clients
  • Guaranteed to increase your profits and revenues
  • To stop accepting mediocrity and expect exceptional performance to deliver business and personal ambitions and goals


Overview of Content

Day 1 - Understanding and Developing Yourself

Subject Learning Content
Attitude and Mindset

Knowing how to manage your behaviour and attitude and realising the impact it can have on performance

  • No "neg" zone
  • Clear vision
  • Passion for success
  • Determination not reservation
  • What stops you?
Behaviour and Values

You are part of the solution the customer will buy

  • Dress code
  • Body language
  • The impact of your values on sales results
  • Time keeping
  • Professional communication
Create or Change a Habit

Development requires things

  • Knowledge
  • Awareness
  • Desire
Personality and Preference

The personality for sustainable sales growth

  • Like and trust
  • Performance selling
  • Resilience
  • Self-coaching


Day 2 - Understanding and Developing Yourself

Subject Learning Content
The sales process a tool for improvement

Sales is a process refined by applied skills

  • The modern sales process
  • The 6 key stages of successful sales
Time Management

Making the most of how you spend your time

  • Activity that drives results
Planning for success

Knowing where to fish

  • You
  • Your company
  • Your products
  • Your competitors
  • Your market
Setting the right goals

You would not take a drive without Sat Nav to get to your destination

  • Know what you want to achieve by when
  • SMART goals
Key result areas

Looking back to know where to focus in the future

  • Key result areas of your own activity that drives results
  • What are they – how to use the data to prioritise your own development
Managing sales information

Knowing what to retain, data mining and use in a timely manner

  • Increase new appointment success
  • Know when to invest and when to let go of a client or prospect
Prospecting with Purpose Many sales people leave prospecting behind them especially when results are good...!
  • When to prospect
  • Prospecting is not sales it has its own process


Day 3 - Understanding and Developing Skills

Subject Learning Content
Manage your state and be confident

Control the way you are feeling at any given moment

  • Know your ideal selling state, positive, motivated, confident, comfortable.
  • How do you get to that?
  • Do you let others impact on it positive or negative?
Know what you are doing

Farming or Hunting for business requires a specific approach

  • Hunters v Farmers
  • Which fits best with your personality
  • What is each prospect of this type seeking
Appointment Making and Opening the call You have 15 seconds to deliver a compelling message to a new client
  • How you say who you are
  • How you say what you do
  • Deliver a compelling statement to earn the right to talk longer
  • Your competitors
  • Your market

The first contact, friend or foe

  • Using the gatekeeper to progress the sales cycle now and on repeat calls
  • Observations – what can you know before you call or see before you meet
  • Your bridge to discovery
Ask the right questions to the right people

Using appropriate questions to establish wants and needs

  • Types of Questions
  • Questions to control the contact
  • Precision Questions
  • “Wallowing”
  • Current State v Desired State
  • Moving towards or moving away
Listening and Learning

More than hearing, active listening is a skill, a rare skill that you need to work on

  • Listening skills
  • Wants and Needs
  • Using supplementary questions to identify the impact of change or no change
  • Recap one of the most powerful communication tools


Day 4 - Understanding Buyers and Prospect Developing Business

Subject Learning Content
Transactional/ Consultative selling

Do you sell a product or service off the self or is it designed for customers’ needs? It will change your approach

  • Transactional, simple, volume, often based on quality and price
  • Consultative, normally bespoke and sold with access to a higher level in an organisation with multiple engagements
Know what you are doing

Thanks to the internet the modern buyer is informed and has choice

  • Many modern buyers hold little value to sales people, you need to demonstrate value
  • Be more interested in their business than yours.
  • Even if they want to buy – why should they buy from you
Know the role of the people you are speaking with

Individuals have their personnel and business reasons to buy
•    Business to Business sales – 3 types of business
•    Know who you are speaking to and understand their role and prioritise

Decide who to invest in and who to let go  Your time is valuable, how do you decide who to invest your precious time with
  • Qualification of your prospects – invest or let go
  • S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N – a qualification tool for large prospects
Writing great sales proposals and wider communication skills

Demonstrate you credibility, understanding and customer focus in every proposal or estimate

  • Make sure what you provide matches the customer expectation in quality and content
  • Use a template and offer choice if possible
  • Provide a strong executive summary up front
Persuasive delivery

Ensure key messages are at the front

  • Bored buyers don’t buy
  • Need addressed are routes to business
  • Does it pass the buyers “So What test”?
  • What is the cost of doing nothing
  • Why you…. Why your company


 Day 5 - Understanding Business Growth

Subject Learning Content
Making the most of objections

Objections are a reservation or concern which when overcome clear the path to close

  • Acknowledge
  • Audience
  • Answer
  • Ask
Closing and Commitment

People do not like to be closed… by this point if you are still engaged then simply ask for the business

  • Commitment is a much better term for a modern buyer who has invested time with you
  • Often the final decision will be without you in the room so what is the role of an internal sales person and how do you ensure they deliver your message

Do you sell a product or service off the self or is it designed for customers needs? It will change your approach

  • Transactional, simple, volume, often based on quality and price
  • Consultative, normally bespoke and sold with access to a higher level in an organisation with multiple engagements
Next steps With the sale made the opportunities open for a successful sales person
  • Ensure effective handover to execution/delivery
  • Ensure the client knows the next step
  • Appoint now for a follow up call
  • Move the client from Hunted to Farmed


This programme is available in house on dates of your choice, for up to 12 delegates. The sessions are recommended as 5 x 1 day, but it is flexible based on your preference. Please ask about costs: or submit an enquiry below.