C.A.R.E Management Training


Better understand employee burnout and develop an easy to use management tool.

Burnout exhibits in “individuals who are fully engaged, yet have low well-being priorities” (Limeade employee engagement survey). However, research also states that it is not just an individual problem but an organisational one.  You can’t expect a person to just “yoga your way out of burnout,” as the source of the problems will still be there when you come back.

This one-day course is for anyone committed to increasing employee engagement and wishing to demonstrate a visible capacity of care for your people. Limeade’s research concluded organisations that had a greater capacity to care also had a larger segment of employees who said they strongly disagree they feel burned out.

Core topics developed during this workshop:

  • Identifying a baseline set of values for individuals and the organisation, that allows for cooperation
  • Encouraging clarity in conversations so as to minimise conflict
  • Understanding how great managers create clear goals and daily actions which in turn creates confidence and assertiveness
  • Introduce “active reflection” that allows better dialogue during conversations with manager & employee
  • Measuring & achieving your own consistent execution, that will allow you to set employee expectations, increase trust and respect

Workshop Content

  • Welcome, introductions and review personal objectives

  • Exercise - individual values and those of the organisation and how this ties in with motivation

  • A look at behaviours specifically around employees ~ remembering people don’t care what you know till they know that you care

  • Exercise - your daily action plan ~ focusing on the integrity of “100% work”, personal responsibility and role-modelling behaviours

  • Active reflection is the most productive behaviour a manager can demonstrate and will increase dramatically the quality of communications

  • Exercise – how to create moments during your day where you can reflect and create ~ what is going well, has not gone well and what needs to happen ~ Consistency will provide the key ingredient to setting expectations with employees, where results speak for themselves and people will feel they can trust and respect you

About the trainer

This session is taught by Rachael Orchard. Rachael is a senior leadership coach, European workshop facilitator and a book author. She has coached senior individuals and teams in the UK and Europe for over 7 years. 


Duration: 1 Day Credits: 1.9
Times: 9.30am - 5.00pm Member Cost: £290.00+VAT
Max. Delegates: 12 Non-member Cost: £435.00+VAT