Assertiveness Skills Workshop


Assertiveness is not always about getting your own way, but it is about being able to confidently express your
own needs. When people talk about being more assertive they usually mean:

  • How do I resist always saying yes when I really want to say no?
  • How do I say what I really think without upsetting someone?
  • How do I gain more control in situations that are important to me?

This workshop is about understanding what assertiveness really means to you, and how to be more assertive when you need to be.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop delegates will:

  • Understand what assertive behaviour is.
  • Be more aware of ‘difficult’ people and situations, and how to respond to them.
  • Understand and know how to use assertive communication
  • Know when and how to be assertive

Course Content

What is assertive behaviour?

  • My Bill of Rights
  • Recognising assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour

Developing self-awareness

  • Understanding ‘difficult’ people, ‘difficult’ situations and our responses to them.

Assertive communication

  • The elements of effective communication.
  • Using transactional analysis to help develop assertive communication.
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback

When to be assertive

  • Team needs versus your own needs
  • Understanding the goodwill reserve

How to be assertive – the practical part

  • Giving your opinion
  • Making requests
  • Saying no

 Course duration: 1 day

CPD Points: 6.5


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