Creative Problem Solving

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Programme Overview

Being creative in your thought is not a natural process for everyone.  Some of you may find it easy to think ‘out-side of the box’, but for those that find it more difficult it is important to understand that you can learn to be more creative.  It is simply about pushing your thinking in different ways and directions and learning techniques that will lead you to explore untrodden avenues.  

This programme can be completed in a classroom style with a duration of 4 hours, or virtually in 2 x 2 hour sessions. Book face to face or virtual sessions below!

Both trainers very insightful and both used great examples drawn from their experience

Great course, very valuable, engaging and highly relevant

Benefits of attending

  • Develop your level of flexibility when looking at a problem.

  • Learn how to embrace a flexible mindset.

  • Understand the impact of relationships and team work when problem solving.

  • Learn how to build those trusted relationships

  • Learn a simple technique to help you be creative in your thinking when solving a problem.  

Key Topics

  • Understand the benefits of being flexible and where the control is

  • Recognise what flexibility means to you

  • Introduction of the ‘Mercedes Model’ to demonstrate ‘how’ you can make change in your mindset

  • Building Trusted relationships to aid the ease of problem solving day to day

  • Creative Problem Solving technique

Course details

Online Course Details

Duration: 2 x 2 hours Credits: 1.0
Times: 9am - 11am + 1pm - 3pm Member Cost: £155+VAT pp
  Non-member Cost: £233+VAT pp

Face to Face Course Details

Duration: 4 hours Credits: 1.0
Times: 9am - 1pm Member Cost: £155+VAT pp
  Non-member Cost: £233+VAT pp

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