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These days the customer experience is made up of so much more than merely good or poor service at the point of delivery, although this is, of course, vitally important. In this age of online rating/reference sites and social networking rants, customers have more opportunity than ever to tell the world of their experience within minutes of the encounter. Even where customers may not have a choice about where they buy next time, an opinion broadcast widely enough can make or break an organisation’s reputation in an instant. Staff training is critical.

There is an art and a science to the psychology of customer service, from understanding their wants and needs, to mastering the skills of delivering bad news or delighting through personalised treatment. From the days of ‘Moments of Truth’ (Jan Carlzon, Scandinavian Airlines, 1987) to this day, delivering exceptional customer service with grace and elegance has been shown time and again to build trust, credibility and income faster than almost any other change process.

Aims of the workshop

Every single person in the organisation is an ambassador or a representative of that organisation at all times. However, for those on the front line, the skills, knowledge and attitudes of exceptional customer service are of paramount importance. This workshop aims to pare right back to the fundamentals; who is our customer and what do we know about their wants and needs? What do we want them to be, do, think, feel and say about us? From there it’s about building the skills, competence and confidence to deliver – right first time, every time.


By the end of this training workshop you will have:

  • A clear picture of the customer in front of you and their specific wants and needs
  • Real understanding of how your pre-suppositions can help or hinder the conversation
  • A clear strategy for eliciting the customer’s expectations
  • Understanding of your own ‘locus of control’ and how this will impact on the conversation
  • Experienced building and breaking rapport
  • Some strategies for building your resilience
  • Recapped everything you once knew about body language, gestures, eye contact, etc. and learnt a few advanced techniques on top
  • A clear plan of action for improving these skills

Style of the workshop

The training workshop will be practical, fast-paced and interactive, integrating input with opportunities to discuss and practise new techniques. Emphasis will be placed on how to translate new knowledge and skills back into the work environment and beyond, so exceptional customer service becomes an everyday part of the job and not something to be feared and avoided.

This training is delivered to individuals or provided for in house teams to your bespoke requirements.

Online training

This course is also available as a virtual programme. The day will be split into 4 x 1.5 hour sessions.

Click here to download full overview of the virtual sessions.

Course Details

Face to Face

Duration: 1 day Member Cost: £370+VAT pp
Credits: 2.5 Non-member Cost: £555+VAT pp


Duration: 1 day, 4 x 1.5 hours Member Cost: £335+VAT pp
Credits: 2.2 Non-member Cost: £502+VAT pp

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