Developing Resilience at Work


This workshop is designed for business professionals who are expected to perform effectively in a highly demanding environment.

Workshop introduction

This one day workshop will help delegates understand how they can develop a resilient attitude to a range of business scenarios that may in the past have created a high degree of anxiety. 

Core topics developed during this workshop

  • Developing your level of resilience
  • Enhance performance & well-being at work
  • Sustaining peak levels of performance
  • Developing levels of adaptability, flexibility & confidence
  • Understanding how your motivation can impact on the morale of your team

Workshop Content

  • Welcome, introduction & review personal objectives
  • Understand how resilient attitudes and behaviours can be learned
  • How to enhance performance and well-being at work
  • Be able to sustain performance and effectiveness under pressure
  • Regard change as a challenge and an opportunity
  • Developing the ability to bounce back quicker from adversity
  • Have increased adaptability, flexibility and confidence
  • Acquire a stronger sense of control when faced with uncertainty
  • Build strong and supportive relationships with colleagues
  • Identifying tools and techniques for improving optimism and emotional regulation
  • Be able to maintain stamina, logic and effective behaviours
    • Achieving this during periods of high demand
  • Stay motivated and focused and help maintain morale in your team
  • Change previous responses to pressure to more effective resilient ones
  • Review ‘real actions’ to apply in the workplace
    • What can we do straight-away?
    • What can we work towards?
  • Review personal objectives
  • Summary & close

Who’s delivering the workshop

Tony Fusco is a member of the British Psychological Society and Founder Member of the Association for Coaching and the Association of Business Psychologists, and is an Executive Director of the International Stress Management Association. He delivers senior level coaching and training within blue chip organisations helping clients develop business and organisational effectiveness using their knowledge of individual and organisational psychology to help managers and executives attain tangible results. His qualifications include:

  • PhD Authentic Leadership
  • MSc Organisational Psychology
  • BSc Psychology Honours
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Change Management
  • Certificate in Stress Management
  • BPS Level A and Level B

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