Improving Personal Impact & Influence

Have you left meetings wishing that you had spoken out or had a greater share of the airtime? Recognising that people are different, have you wondered how you can adapt your style of communication to better connect with others? Learn a consistently effective model of influence that you can deploy when needed.

Workshop Aims:

Influence is a key skill for anyone working in modern, matrix organisations. Often a perceived lack of influence leads to deep dissatisfaction in the workplace and beyond. This workshop uses the proven Insights Discovery profile to help classify you and your co-workers and to accurately define practical techniques for influencing them. A number of discussions and practical activities form the day, leading to stakeholder mapping and action planning.

The workshop provides a new perspective on communication and influence in the workplace and offers a simple model, enabling attendees to adapt their communication style to better connect with a wider group of colleagues.

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To understand how our personality type provides a range of communication strengths and potential weaknesses.
  2. To provide a range of approaches to enable us to better connect and influence a greater range of stakeholder and colleagues.

The Structure

The workshop is a full day, with a small amount of preparatory work and involves:

  • Short inputs, covering the science and theory, techniques and tools.
  • Reflection, discussion and practice sessions of increasing intensity and challenge, incorporating peer coaching and feedback, and wherever possible working with real situations.

Content is drawn from a variety of sources, including Jungian psychology and the Insights Discovery psychometric.    

Workshop  - Outline

Opening session

  • Introductions, overview, hopes and expectations.
  • An interactive exercise introducing the Insights model.
  • How the different personality types approach organisation problems.

Insights Type

  • An exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the Insights types.
  • Input on influencing techniques.

Adapting Influencing Style

  • Putting the theory into practice.
  • A role-play exploring how styles can be adapted to improve impact and influence.
  • Individual reflection to identify what you would like to work on.
  • Pair/trio work to generate ideas for overcoming the barriers.
  • Action planning.


Follow up coaching

The one-day workshop will be followed by a two-hour individual coaching session, building on the action plan prepared by each attendee.


Maximum number of delegates: 12

CPD Points: 6.5

Facilitated By:

sanderson consultants


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Learning Collaboration
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