Minute Taking with Confidence: Writing Effective Minutes


This single day workshop will help you to prepare, produce and polish minutes with confidence and is designed for delegates at all levels. It includes both writing skills and interpersonal techniques. It will also build the confidence you need to take control and elicit the information you need to write excellent minutes.

We all have our views on meetings, and to a great extent, what we think of them depends on their purpose, formality, duration and usefulness.  However, it would be a rare individual indeed who relished the prospect of writing the minutes.

Minutes provide a summary of what was discussed and a record of agreed actions and outputs, yet so often these are published too late to be of any use. Why is it that we put off this important task? What do we fear? Why are so many minutes unreadable and useless?

Course Objectives

To give delegates improved skills and confidence to undertake the important task of writing minutes. The overall aim is to enable the job of minute taking to be done better - to ensure that good meetings result in excellent outcomes!

Key Topics

During the day you will:

  • Review the purpose of minutes for both ad hoc and formal meetings
  • Consider ways of refining or influencing the format of the agenda in order to make minute writing easier
  • Discuss the appropriate style and tone for formal and informal minutes
  • Practice taking notes and summarising them afterwards
  • Hold quick meetings and minute them effectively
  • Receive feedback on your writing style
  • Look at different ways of taking complete notes
  • Learn how to train the chair to make your life easier
  • Gain the confidence to take control and to get the information you need if the chairing is informal or ineffective in any way.
  • Discuss minutes in their organisational context and plan how to pre-empt problems before meetings take place

Please bring with you examples of minutes that you and others have produced so that we can look at ways to make them more effective.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Delegate Capacity: 12

Facilitated By: Management Learning & Coaching



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Learning Collaboration
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