Training Programmes

Training programmes can offer much more than a one or two day course. They provide detailed and thorough teaching, alongside continued support and peer learning. As the sessions are often half a day over several months it takes little time out of a busy diary, whilst providing the delegates with an engaging commitment to their organisation.

 All Cambridge Network courses and programmes are open to members and non-members, with members attending at preferential rates. 

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Essentials of Management

We recognise that managing people on a day to day basis is challenging and often the most difficult part of a managers’ role.  Managing people effectively requires a very different skill set and this 6-month programme is aimed at focusing on four key areas which are fundamental to the success of an effective manager:

  • Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Team Work
  • Motivation and Engagement


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Mastering Management with Micromastery™

Designed for the 21st Century and the realities of a fast paced world where time and business pressures are acute, this programme aims to explore the key principles and practice of management which deliver the greatest return on investment, and to equip the participants with the key management skills they need to perform beyond expectations in their role.

Throughout this programme the underlying methodology will be Micromastery™. Sharing the key principles and the skills and processes that support this, will be our approach. With an introduction by Robert Twigger, the author of Micromastery™, and running over 12 months, each session introduces a number of new Micromasteries that unlock and develop latent and existing skills that can be immediately applied back in the workplace. 


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Management Skills to Support and Promote Mental Health at Work

A series of 6 half-day workshops to address management competencies to help identify poor mental health, confidently talk about concerns and support employees with mental health concerns.

This series of workshops aims to give you an understanding of the importance of line managers in addressing concerns around mental health at work. The training provides practical guidance and an environment to openly discuss issues and concerns.


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Recruitment: Effective Online Copywriting for Recruitment

This workshop is designed to provide delegates with the skills, tools and techniques they need to write online copy for recruitment campaigns which will:

  • Attract better candidates and discourage unsuitable candidates.
  • Reduce time-wasting applications and time spent in processing.
  • Reduce overall costs and increase the efficiency of your recruitment process.
  • Promote your Employer Brand and reputation to engage quality candidates.
  • Enable you to compete more effectively in the marketplace.


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Understanding and Promoting Good Mental Health at Work

A series of 3 half-day workshops to understand and promote good mental health, encouraging everyone to confidently talk about mental health.

This series of workshops aims to provide a good understanding of the importance of mental health issues and their impact on performance and teams. We provide tools to enable people to confidently talk about mental health at work.


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        your people potential