Understanding Unconscious Bias

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We all have unconscious biases. They are the result of how our brain collects and stores information for our use. However the information that is stored in not always an accurate reflection of our environment or experiences.This can become an issue when these unconscious biases unknowingly affect our attitudes, behaviours and decision-making.

This workshop focuses on the three steps needed to address this issue is - understanding how bias works, learning to recognise common biases, and knowing what steps we can take to combat bias.

Reducing bias is central to increasing diversity and inclusion. This, in turn, is important because diverse and inclusive workplaces are more creative, innovative, productive, and consistently deliver better financial results.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what unconscious bias is and why it occurs.

  • To understand the impact of bias on workplace behaviour and the business, and the benefits of encouraging inclusion.

  • To develop a common language to label bias.

  • To understand the actions to take to reduce bias and increase inclusion.  

Outline - 3 hour workshop

Bias and the brain

  • Learning from the neuroscience.
  • What are biases and why do we all have them?

Labelling bias

  • Raising our awareness of biases.
  • Exploring the 5 main biases: Similarity, Expedience, Experience, Distance & Safety.
  • Understanding the impact of biases on behaviour and decision-making.

Taking action to reduce bias and encourage inclusion

  • Forming new habits - If-then plans, and growth mindset.
  • Using decision guides.
  • Strategies for reducing bias.

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