Salary Survey

Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration runs a Salary Survey specifically for member companies.

Cambridge Network Salary & Benefits Survey

Access to validated benchmark pay data is important for any business. In Cambridge, where high demand for skills combines with a mobile workforce, it is essential for local employers not only to keep track of general trends in pay but also to keep a close eye on the salary marketplace within Cambridge. The Cambridge Network offers members, and non-members, the opportunity to access up-to-date pay and benefits information through the Cambridge Network Salary & Benefits Survey which is run for the Learning Collaboration by Alan Jones & Associates.

The survey is run by an independent, third-party salary and benefits survey provider in order to ensure the confidentiality of the pay data. It is a participant-only survey with the results only available to contributing organisations. And the survey is run continuously which not only means that you can join the survey at any time but also that the feedback is always up-to-date.

As soon as you join the survey, you are sent a customised copy of the results, and thereafter at the time of the year when you need current pay data (as specified by each participant organisation). In addition, participants have access at all times to the Alan Jones survey results service. In the online tool the survey is updated monthly and participants can drill down into the data to establish a closer comparator group, download the survey results, access the job descriptions, see the survey history and any other relevant survey services.



In recent years, benefit packages have become a more significant factor in employee recruitment and retention. In order to benchmark benefits, the Cambridge Network survey has a separate, annual benefits section. Included in the overall subscription, the benefits section covers: hours of work, holidays, additional leave, sabbaticals, sick pay, PHI, life assurance, pension, medical insurance, parental policies (maternity, paternity, adoption), long service awards, flexible benefits, flexible working, recruitment bonuses, share schemes, and more.


To request to join the Salary Survey please email