Our members have found great benefit in collaborating for shared learning. Here are some of their success stories.


Experienced Managers Peer Group “This will be really valuable in the future. The sessions themselves reiterated some things I have learnt from previous courses, as well as new techniques to try. However, it’s really the group of engaged individuals that made the difference to other courses.”

AS, Red Gate


Strategic Managers Peer Group “The diversity of the group is one of its key strengths and sharing issues across the group has been remarkably similar regardless of the v. I thought that issues might be so different within the public sector, but they really are not that much different. I have been pleasantly surprised that my experience in the public sector has been of some use to the group, as well as getting lots from the private sector.”

CC, Addenbrooke’s


The Learning Collaboration has provided some fantastic support to us over the last year and we have calculated has saved us over 30% of what we would have previously spent on the equivalent courses....”

Katie Bardes, Training and Development Specialist, Royal Society of Chemistry


We have derived huge benefits from using the Learning Collaboration for a wide range of training and development needs. These have included substantially lower costs, great efficiency and most importantly, the opportunity to share experience with people from a wide range of companies. It also means our scarce internal resource can be directed at company specific activities whilst leaving the Learning Collaboration to look after the rest.

Bill Parsons, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, ARM


“The Learning Collaboration are not a static, staid company that sits aside of Napp, rather an evolving and participative business partner. We highly recommend the Learning Collaboration to any company considering becoming a member.”

Kathryn Buck, Organisational Development Administrator, Napp Pharmaceuticals