Dan Everard of Dragonmobility nominated for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering


The prestigious Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering recognises and celebrates outstanding advances in engineering that have been of global benefit to humanity. Axiom-e congratulates the winners, who were chosen for their ground-breaking work which led to the internet and world-wide web, and Dan Everard (of Axiom-e's client Dragonmobility) who was nominated for his work on intuitive powered mobility for disabled people.

Axiom-e writes: We congratulate the winners, LouisPouzin, Robert Kahn, Vint Cerf, Tim Berners Lee and Marc Andreesen, who were announced on 18th March and who were chosen for their ground-breaking work which led to the internet and world-wide web which is impacting the lives of many millions of people in ever increasing ways.

Given the quality and impact of modern engineering, we are proud that Dan Everard, founder and Managing Director of Dragonmobility, one of our Cambridge-based clients, was one of the nominees for the prestigious international prize.

Dan was nominated for his life's work developing intuitive powered mobility for disabled people, in particular the very young and those considered by others to be too disabled to be capable of independent mobility, yet whom Dan endeavours to liberate.

"There are so many examples of excellent engineering in my generation", Dan remarked to us before noting "It was a great compliment to be nominated and to be considered in such a strong field."

The £1million prize would have made a significant difference to the Dragonmobility project but Dan remains "hopeful that the honour of the nomination will encourage donations from others which can be used to perpetuate my work, and the work of my excellent team, for future generations." Such support would allow the social (not for profit) enterprise to continue to help disabled people worldwide.


For more information, visit http://www.dragonmobility.com or email Press@dragonmobility.com.



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