Cambridge company features in celebration of best in design


Wright Design Limited is featured in the 100 best in design catalogue by New Design magazine to mark its 100th issue.

New Design magazine have brought together the exceptional pieces of work from 100 consultancies and design-conscious businesses. The special issue catalogue displays the achievements, diversity and breadth in design from the professional community.

Wright Design were proudly featured in the opening ten products; showcasing the Sepura SRP2000 Tetra handset. Cambridge based Sepura gained great success with the SRP2000, securing a ubstantial section of the UK and global public safety communications market.

Wright Design is also featured two products later for the development of the Milton Babycare product range and the successful collaboration between product and graphic design company Greenwich Design.


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Wright Design provides product design, development and implementation, within the core skills areas of industrial design, mechanical engineering, project management and manufacturing introduction support.

Wright Design Ltd