Strem expands biocatalysis offerings with GoNano Enzymatic Flow Reactor


Strem Chemicals, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for research and development, is pleased to announce the addition of Enzymatic Flow Reactors for Biocatalysis applications.

GoNano Technologies’ Enzymatic Flow Reactor (EFR) provides a platform for enzyme immobilization in a flow reactor configuration. Each reactor contains 200 permeable catalyst support disks coated with GoNano’s proprietary silica Nanosprings™, which have been functionalized for enzyme attachment. Each 0.25” x 2.5” reactor contains in excess of 25 m2 of surface area for enzyme immobilization.

Because the enzyme remains in the reactor and does not become mixed with the reactants the enzyme can be reused without subsequent separation from product. Also, the reaction product is continuously separated from the enzyme minimizing product inhibition. A further advantage is that immobilized enzymes often display significant increases in stability over free enzymes in solution.

“Strem Chemicals’ reputation for quality, experience and customer care combined with GoNano Technologies innovative Nanospring-based products bring enormous potential” said Tim Kinkeade, CEO of GoNano Technologies. Dr. David Hyatt, Biocatalyst Engineer adds, “The EFR technology leverages the inherent material characteristics of the Nanosprings including their high surface area (>350 m2/g), the robust bond of the Nanosprings to the catalyst support disk, and a surface chemistry compatible with biomolecules.”

“We are pleased to be working with GoNano Technologies as the development of biocatalysis is moving forward rapidly and leading to the widespread adoption of Green Chemistry methods. Our customers expect Strem to provide cutting-edge research products and the addition of Enzymatic Flow Reactors - for Biocatalysis applications confirms our commitment to meet their needs,” said Strem’s Chief Operating Officer Dr. Ephraim S. Honig.


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